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Sunday 28 April 2019

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Thanks for your partnership in the gospel through your praying for God to be glorified as His gospel in taken outside the 'safe' domain of the church building. His work reflects His perfect unchanging character and what will the Day of Judgment reveal to those that we have been able to communicate the Way of salvation to?

- Ryan was able to speak to a family of 3 from a Russian church background. Mum knew that Jesus had died for her many sins. Daughter had to be escorted through the gospel a few times until the light dawned that she had not been relying on Christ's perfect atoning life, death and resurrection alone to save her. Like many in the churches she had added her imperfect work into her  (wrong) understanding. Now she has grasped the gospel. She has the challenge,along with her mother, to help their father to grasp the truth and 'love it so as to be saved', cf. 2 Thess. 2:10!

- Lee-Anne & Railee met some breakaways from the L.D.S.  Eventually, the gospel was heard by them.They were challenged to trust the Bible alone as God's revelation, i.e. absolute truth.

There were 3 completed flip chart presentations:

     -Indonesian Presbyterians, Joung, the husband not present. His wife Yohannaa and 12 year old son were referred to a church where the pastor is an Indonesian-speaker.

     - a husband who quickly disengaged while his wife was going to consider her need to trust in Christ alone.

     - Gareth and Sasha who happily engaged and now thinking the gospel over.

God led us to converse with these, and more. He has the last word. He is perfectly righteous. We praise Him, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the one  true God and give all glory to Him.

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