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Saturday 4 May 2019

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On Saturday night in Brisbane City the team headed in to share the gospel with those whom God allowed to stop. The night was filled with many conversations but there was one stand out.

Anna, a German lady, was walking past early on and was asked what she thought would happen after we die. She had a range of ideas but mostly about God being a force not a being, the afterlife not being about judgement and therefore each of us could live by our own rules and desires as long as we don't hurt anybody else. She was challenged on this as to God's personhood, God's goodness and God's justice. This opened up an over two hour conversation where Anna came to comprehend the gospel and understood why Jesus alone can offer salvation.

She heard many reasons as to why Christianity can be trusted and why she should place her trust in Christ alone for the forgiveness of her sins. Anna tried to argue for her own righteousness by the way that she treats the planet but was shown that no amount of good deeds can ever take away one's history of sin. She then comprehended that all people deserve God's justice for their sin in Hell and therefore that our only hope is if God Himself pays the debt for out sin. She learned how forgiveness will change a persons life and they will no longer want to live in sin but that they will want to honour Christ as Lord with their lives.

The conversation ended as Anna was challenged a number of times to consider what God had said and how one can be forgiven and to count the cost of trusting in Christ. At this Anna was thankful for the conversation and she headed off.

A few other conversations were attempted, with two young guys mocking God saying that they were "so scared" of Him when they saw their guilt by the law. Another guy said he was good and didn't need God and a third said he was too busy to chat but it was less than fifteen minutes later when Anna returned and offered to buy a coffee. Funnily enough, another team member who speaks Dutch started chatting to her and then offered to buy her a coffee instead and then another half an hour conversation took place.

Anna had some more questions and this time the tone was even more serious. She was encouraged that God didn't make mistakes and He may have even bought her all this way to Australia so that she could hear what He has done to save her. She was talking about being thankful for now understanding others opinions but was challenged strongly that this wasn't just anyone's opinion, this what what God has said, done and promised and therefore it isn't just to be treated as a nice idea but the truth by which life should be live.

The conversation finally came to a close and Anna was comprehending the gospel, said she would consider it and was left with the very serious choice, trust in Christ and live or rely on oneself and be punished eternally.

Please be praying that God would be at work in Anna's heart, that she would hear this good news and trust in Christ alone for her salvation and that her life would be changed, that she would return to Germany as a Christian, wanting nothing more than to know God, be known by God and make Him known!

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