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Friday 3 May 2019

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This time of year is nice for being out on the streets of Warwick just before the colder weather starts to creep in and we begin to see the beanies, woolly coats and scarf’s come out of their hiding places which have been put aside since last winter.

The outreach was under way when I arrived after finishing work where I see my wife handing out some tracts to some people passing by the Bible table. Glenda had a chat with a lady and her pregnant niece. The lady approached the bible table and asked if she could have a free bible for her son, she said he’s into this God stuff and is a very intelligent 12 year old. Glenda put a comic tract into the bible and gladly gave it to her.

The lady noticed a AIG booklet “Gay Marriage” and asked Glenda what she personally thought about that subject, in which she said that she believes what the bible teaches about it, and that it is a sin just like lying and stealing are also a sin, and that we all have sinned, that is why Jesus came to rescue us sinners. The lady’s niece said that she liked the verse in the bible John 3:16. Glenda quoted that verse and shortly after the lady left leaving the niece at the table so Glenda got to share some more with the niece.

She was open to the truth of God that He should be and deserves to be first in our life but only by His grace be given understanding of our need of saving. By faith in His Son Jesus to be saved and given Eternal life, she wanted and received a pocket book bible. Before she left she was encouraged to read through the comic tract and was explained that we need to understand the bad news to appreciate the good news of John 3:16 

During the morning four ladies from the same church, not together but at different times walking past stopped to encourage us and let us know that they and the church were praying for this outreach each week. Isn’t it a joy to know that we are being upheld in prayer to our heavenly Father for the furtherance of His Kingdom. Thank you to all who pray for the ministry. Mostly thank the Lord Jesus that He is always with us doing the great work through us and in us.

A guy approached us and said what is this all about? After hearing what we were doing here he started on about how Christian nations were making weapons for war in America and other places in the world. I let him know that just because it is said that these places are called “Christian nations” doesn’t mean that they are Christians. In our conversation I kept on saying that “ true Christianity” are followers of Christ who are called to love our enemies.

He went on to say about climate change and many species of animals dying out of existence and many other topics and that’s when I said that anyone could do a search on the internet to see that from the year 1900 to 2000, a 100 year period, that the temperature change was an increase of just 0.78 of a percent!!!! He didn’t like that at all for he said he is a scientist and he asked if I had any qualifications to make such assumptions, in which I replied, only a rational, reasoning mind to look at the evidence and after some more discussion I said there is a lot more a stake than the here and now, and when asked if he thought he was a Christian in which he said that he thought he was and he used to go to church.

I talked about sin and that if we die in our sin we will stand before God in judgement and be sent to hell. Jesus came to save sinners. He was told a true Christian has had a heart change by God. It seems this man stopped to have a debate and he didn’t want to talk about the bible or true Christianity. Pray for his heart to be softened by God. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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