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Friday 10 May 2019

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Not long after setting up the table, as I began to hand out tracts a man asked what it was. It was "The way to heaven" tract and I told him it was an important message. He refused the tract and turned back at me saying God had killed his wife. I quickly replied that, we all die because of our sin. He kept walking on. I can only trust that this was a planted seed for him to think about.

Then another man commented as he walked passed he said, "It is all a fantasy." My response was, "No, it is true and every knee will bow to Jesus."  He called out, "then I'll find out one day."  It is sad that people are hard in their heart but we know that without God opening our heart to believe in Jesus as our Saviour, we too would also be dead in sin.

A great conversation was had with a man who at first was criticizing Christianity and shared a few things that he though. This brought an opportunity to explain true Christianity and how God has His people in the mist of this world doing good loving acts, helping those who are afflicted and standing for truth. G had some understanding from his early years but just not understanding God's ways in how He is Sovereign over sinful acts and the responsibility we have to obey His call to worship the only true God. The message of repentance and the cross was shared and G went from sceptic to considering God may have sent me to speak with him this day. He at first didn't want a tract but took one in the end and was encouraged to consider God's call for him to believe that Jesus is his eternal solution and his greatest need is to be saved.

Many tracts went out and lots of short but exciting conversation continued to happen.

Rick arrived not long after I needed to leave for 5 minutes, and when I came back I saw Rick in conversation with a lady near a car parked next to the Bible table. I prayed for him and as I got closer noticed that her face was familiar, then it struck me. This was the lady from last week that asked about the gay marriage booklet and had taken a Bible for her son nut wasn't interested for herself. Praise God I had the opportunity to plant a few seeds of truth in love. She had a friendly smile and looked at me and I said "oh Hi I remember you" she said "yes from last week".

I stood back as Rick had an opportunity to spend some time with her and I continued to hand out tracts.Then along comes H, the lady's niece who is pregnant. I said Hi and she was as happy as I was to see each other again. I gave her a tract on abortion that last week I couldn't find. This was because part of our conversation last week was on how God knits together life in the womb which is such beautiful work and how the baby is formed from the start. I gave her the tract and a bookmark and stickers for her baby. Rick had a fruitful conversation with K and she was saying we were loving in our approach. Praise God we can share truth in love with God's help as He uses us to point to Jesus and His perfect love in that He laid down His life to pay for our just penalty of sin so we may have eternal true life with Him. What a wonderful saving God.

They left with tracts and our prayers for them are that God's grace would touch their hearts with the gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus.

3 Bibles went out today 1 New Testament and a book of John.

We had two brothers who were very interested in discussing things of God and the Bible although one was more understanding the Gospel than the other we hope and pray that God's grace may give them a humble heart to receive His grace and be saved from the hell punishment we all deserve.

We will be away for 5 Fridays starting next week so it will be a time people that regularly see us will be wondering what has happened to that nice couple. (Or yay the bible people are gone.) God willing we will be back on the streets of Warwick mid June. Thank you so much for praying.
To God be the Glory.

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