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Saturday 25 May 2019

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Bribie Island was beautiful this afternoon as the team met for outreach.  It was a real blessing to have a local Christian and his son come and join us in sharing the Gospel and distributing tracts.  Some of the team letterboxed the waterfront post boxes with Gospel tracts, while others walked along the footpath, handing tracts to pedestrians.

          The first people to be engaged in a Gospel conversation were three young men, Jack, Jordan, and Isaiah.  They approached the literature table, and each took a Gospel of John.  Although one of them had a Christian grandmother who took him to church each week, none of them were familiar with the Gospel message, and they were taken through the law and the Gospel, using the Good Person Flipchart.  They were genuinely interested and promised to think seriously about what they had heard.  Perhaps the most encouraging part was when they went onto the jetty, and, sitting on the roof with a friend, proceeded to read the Gospel of John aloud.  They were still going when some of the other team members walked underneath and heard the words, “Behold, the Lamb of God!”  Pray that God move these young men to look to the Lamb of God for salvation.

          Taylor and Shiloh, two young girls, also heard the Gospel.  Despite warnings of coming judgement, they continued to scoff and make light of their sin.  They received tracts and took a book of John, but still did not seem to understand the truth they had heard.  Please pray for these girls that God would soften their hearts to the Gospel and open their eyes to see His truth.

          Johan received a tract and read it.  A team member approached him and asked him what he thought of it.  He was very unsure of what he believed and didn’t have any clear idea what happened after death, or even if God existed.  He was taken to the law and his sin, then led to the cross and Jesus’ atoning death.  He was urged to repent of his sin and trust in Christ for salvation.  He expressed thanks for having heard it, and he promised to seriously consider it.

          Near the end of the outreach, a young boy came to the table and took a tract and a gospel of John.  Cooper said that he was going to become a Christian in nine days’ time.  He was asked why, and he explained that in nine days he would be ten, and he hoped to convince his mother to allow him to be baptised into Christianity.  He said he wanted to become a Christian because he thought it would make him a better person.  He said that yes, he would like to hear more about Christianity.  He was taken through the Good Person Flipchart and heard the Gospel in its entirety.  Although he did not think he was a bad person, he realised that even as one murder makes someone a murderer, one lie makes a liar.  He quickly realised that hate makes someone a murderer at heart.  He understood his guilt before God and his need of a Saviour.  As he heard the Gospel, it seemed to make sense to him.  He heard that baptism doesn’t make you a Christian, but faith in Christ.  He said that he didn’t go to church, but he wished that he could.  He left pondering on the reality of what it means to become a true Christian.  We praise God for having laid serious thought about eternity on the heart of this young boy, and we pray that the seed which has been sown will find good soil and that salvation would come as a result.

          It is always a blessing and a privilege to share God’s Word with others.  We know God is able to save to the utmost, and He uses our feeble efforts to bring glory to Himself.  We praise God for the work He is doing on Bribie.  Pray that lives would be impacted by the Gospel they have received in the form of conversation, or as a tract taken home and read later.  Pray that Christ’s church would grow, and His kingdom would spread to the ends of the earth, beginning at our doorstep.

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