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Wednesday 29 May 2019

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On Wednesday afternoon in Brisbane City the team had a wonderful afternoon, it is the time of year when the sun doesn't hit the square in the afternoon but instead is behind a building for most of the afternoon. Which means that many more people are sitting around, although it does make the square a bit cool as well.

There were a scattering of conversations but three stand out ones were with a JW, Josh an intellectual and Michael.

The JW man came up and approached the team seeing one of the messages that was displayed and was shown through the flip chart that like the rest of humanity he is guilty and deserving of God's judgement. He then sought to try and distract the conversation raising other different rabbit holes and getting away from the question posed to him, "How does someone get right before God?"

He finally said that we are made right before God simply by dying. This means Hitler, Satan and your garden variety person all receive the same punishment. But this man was asked if God has anything more to say in His word about the penalty of sin. It is true that death is a consequence of sin but the Bible doesn't say it is the only thing sin deserves.

He was shown some things Jesus said about Hell, some things that John wrote in regards to God's revelation and he sadly wanted nothing to do with it. He said that was all symbolic (meaning, that it didn't mean anything). He was shown that symbols point to something but when the good news of a free gift of forgiveness was being shared he decided that he'd had enough, we need to be worthy and so he left.

Next was a conversation with Josh who was engaged at length. He had spoken to another team member for quite a while and had heard the gospel but it was reiterated and he was able to simply and seemingly understanding it able to answer questions about the gospel, that many professing Christians would struggle to answer.

This was a good sign but knowledge isn't the same as belief and Josh showed this over and over as although he now knew the gospel he still loved sin and desired to live his own way. Over the course of the discussion he had quite a range of questions answered and was challenged greatly, there was a point at which his mouth was completely stopped as he realised what he was doing. He was shown that all his arguments were simply an attempt to justify his decision to live how he saw fit.

He saw that his sin was the same as Adam and Eve's in the garden that they wanted to be like God, they wanted to choose for themselves what they were and weren't allowed to do. This point was referred to over and over as Josh was challenged again and again to forsake his sin and instead trust in Christ alone for salvation.

Lastly a man named Michael came up, he approached the flip chart and said that he wanted to have a go. It was glorious! He had some good questions, he understood the law, his guilt and the good news of justification by faith alone and left knowing the gospel and said that he didn't think it was a mistake that he wanted to check it out and left with a gospel of John, the challenge to count the cost, consider what Christ has said and to trust in Him alone for salvation this day!

The afternoon overall was exciting, as always. It is wonderful to see who God brings along each outreach to hear of His kind and gracious offer of forgiveness. Please be praying for the JW man, Josh and Michael that God would use this small conversations to lead them to a saving knowledge of the truth. May God be gracious to them, save them and cause them to walk in His ways!

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