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Saturday 22 June 2019

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Operation 513 Essex went to Stratford, London, for outreach June 22. There were multiple Christian outreach groups present with a group called B.E.F. (Believers Evangelistic Fellowship), made up of 30 different London churches, carried out preaching and worship music the entire time that we were there.

There were large crowds all afternoon. A lot of tracts were handed out and many conversations about the Gospel were carried out. I had conversations with Italians Hugo and Fillipo, Romanians George and John and an Egyptian engineer  who was confined to a mobility scooter after a stroke. He took both a tract and a Gideon's New Testament.

Mohammed kindly posed with a Jesus and the Quran tract that he took from me. Andy Noble had a number of conversations over the course of one and a half hours.  

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