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Saturday 22 June 2019

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It was a real blessing to meet for our outreach at Bongaree Jetty on Bribie Island.  Many people stopped for conversations.  Five Bibles were taken, and many tracts, as well as other Gospel literature, were handed out.

  Linda received a Gospel tract and came over to do the Good Person Flipchart.  She seemed quite familiar with the Gospel but was concerned for her thirteen-year-old daughter who had gone wayward.  She was given some literature to encourage her in her walk, as well as a tract for her daughter to read.

  Probably the highlight of the afternoon was the conversations with Christian and his friends.  Christian began by approaching Mike at the Good Person Flipchart.  He originally disagreed with what was spoken and threw out argument after argument, but as each was countered with a logical answer, he began to listen.  He seemed to grasp the Gospel message as it was shared.  When one of his friends came along and began to mock, Christian turned and answered him.  Then he said seriously, “You really need to listen to what he says.  You need to repent.”  From that, David, a young Irishman with a Catholic heritage, heard the Gospel, and came to the literature table to take a Bible.  Several of the other youngsters took Gospels of John and New Testaments.  At the end of their conversations, Mike said to Christian, “I’ve told you the law and the Gospel now, and you really need to think seriously about what I’ve told you.” 

  His reply was, “If I wasn’t concerned about all this, I wouldn’t have stood here talking to you for so long.” 

  So please pray for Christian’s salvation, that he would, by God’s grace, become a true Christian.  Pray for David, that God would reveal the truth of the Gospel to him.

  Another interesting person we met was 78-year-old Chief White Wolf of the Chippewa tribe of the American Indians.  He had left Catholicism to enter Shamanism and believed in “Mother Earth” and evolution.  Although he was not open to hearing the truth, his partner did take a Gospel tract, so please pray that God would convict him of his sin and his need of a Saviour.

  One of the men who took a Bible was an ex-Jehovah Witness.  Although he realised it was a cult, he had not come to the truth of the Gospel.  He also mentioned that he was not currently going to any church.  We shared the Gospel message with him, and he said he was definitely going to have a read through the Bible.

  Please be in prayer for those who were presented the Gospel message, and those who took literature from us.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them of their sin and draw them to Christ.  Pray that souls would be saved, and that God would use our efforts on Bribie to grow His kingdom.

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