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Saturday 22 June 2019

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On Saturday 22nd June Archie and myself went into the city Centre to preach and hand out tracts again. Archie preached first with a small amplification, and after about 15 minutes 2 PCSO's came over and said they had received complaints from a shop about disturbing the peace. We knew it was not the volume but the message that was why the complaint had been made- the two guys were very civil and polite and we explained we knew the real reason but obliged. A young blonde lady walked past and read the scripture board quoting 1 Corinthians 6 v 9-10 and was quite angry at the scripture regarding homosexuality being a sin and stopped to have quite a lengthily chat with us. She eventually calmed down and understood the context and why it was said in love but that people can be deceived about sin. She calmed down and was very amicable and was polite and friendly and took some tracts and information and said she would think through what was said today. 

Paul the homeless guy that normally begs near us said that his chat with Josh last week had been really good and that he was a nice bloke and hoped he would come back to Plymouth. Two men in their late teens had been listening to Archie preach and we had quite a lengthily debate about the Bible, evolution, Jesus and Science, but is was quite obvious from what the man was saying he was blinded with wrong views of what evolution actually is and its negative implications and links to racism and men debate about evolution, and did not want to think openly about things and so I left them to it.

We both handed out some tracts before Simon came along later, and one man that had stopped to listen was called Marco who said he was a Greek Orthadox believer. He said he was a believer but that he believed the old testament was not meant to be read literally as was metaphors for what the promised Messiah would be like. We discussed why it would have to be real history and why Adam and Eve had to be real people,  and again he took some tracts and said he would read and think about them.

I preached for a while on what must someone do to be saved in relation to the jailer in Acts 16. This led to a good conversation with four young lads that had been sat down nearby and turns out were all going away on holiday together soon, why they were going and how short life was. A man called Colin had stopped to listen earlier and had been speaking to Archie, and listened to the conversation with the lads and wanted to talk with me more about the Bible and its authenticity. He also spend a long time talking with Simon and took some tracts from us.It was a beautiful sunny day with lots of tracts handed out and some great conversations with people.

Archie taking some people through the intelligence test

Simon having a long chat with Colin the enquiring skeptic

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