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Friday 21 June 2019

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It’s good to be back in Australia after 4 weeks in America visiting family. We have the privilege to be back and able to continue to share God’s Word on the streets of Warwick through the Operation 513 ministry.

As I started to hand out tracts, a lady approached the table. She was friendly and interested in what I was doing. She had never heard the message of Jesus. As I spoke about the reality of death and Eternity I explained the bad news of us all being sinners. That sin separates us from our creator. Our greatest need is to know and believe in God’s plan to save us from Eternal punishment and to be given Eternal Life, through what Jesus did on the cross. So I talked about the Christmas and Easter message. She said she hoped that was true. I then pointed her to the Bible and how it is God’s Word to lead us to know and have the sure hope by putting her trust in Jesus alone to take away her sins. I gave her the booklet of John and encouraged her to read a little everyday to get to know Jesus. I asked her to let us know how she is doing and any questions or help that we are here on Fridays. Pray for L that she will read the booklet and tracts given to her and come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Pray for a young lady C who took a Bible. I didn’t have enough time to know where she was in her understanding of the Gospel as her partner came and pulled her away. She has tracts and the Bible. 

We had a guy walk past us and I handed him a tract and we started a conversation. He said he grew up in a catholic household but walked away from that and is now following his grandparents religion of Judaism (unfortunately from one set of rule keepers to another). I listened for a good length time and asked him what he now believes about salvation, forgiveness, sin, hell, who Jesus is and other foundational questions but all his answers line up with what he is being taught from his teachers of Judaism and after discussing with him over these issues we gave him a booklet (Jesus is God) and challenged him with the reality of standing before God in judgment if he died in his sins and rejected what Jesus has done for those who believe. Please pray that our Lord will convict M of his unbelief and lead him to salvation.

All glory to our God.

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