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Wednesday 3 July 2019

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On Wednesday afternoon in Brisbane there was a team of seven out, due to some people being on holidays and being able to spare the time where they'd usually be at other commitments. This allowed for many conversations to take place over the course of the afternoon.

An early conversation took place with Kaychill, a young man who near the team was busking and during a break he was approached and asked what he thought would happen to him after he dies. He said his mother is Catholic and that he therefore thinks there is a Heaven and Hell and he said he'd probably be headed to Heaven. Over the course of the afternoon over three conversations he came to understand the beauty of the simple gospel, where God remains just and yet sinners are forgiven.

He at first was trying to defend himself from being a sinner, hoping that God would still let him into Heaven but he was challenged to be honest about his life as God won't be over looking our sin, as it must be punished. Then he was quickly shown the good news but went back to busking.

In the next conversation he came to understand the good news, that trust in Christ's death on the cross is enough to make a sinner right before God. He said it was the first time he'd ever heard that and said that he would trust in Christ today! He was encouraged to start reading his Bible and to start attending a local Christian Church.

Later in the afternoon there was a sad conversation with a middle aged man. He seemed open at first and was asked what he thinks will happen to us after we die. He said, "I'm not convinced there is anything". When asked what had lead him to that conclusion he said, "Because there is no evidence to the contrary". He was then asked if there was a God and he said, "Absolutely not!" When asked how the universe got here then he said, "It all came from nothing". When challenged on that, he was asked, "What evidence do you have that it all came from nothing?" He again simply said, "There is no evidence that it was created." At this point he was asked, "What about the seat you're sitting on, how did it get here?"

He seemed to understand instantly. Of course things with a beginning have a Creator. Upon this realisation he said, "Go away stop talking to me!" He was left with a final challenge, "If your entire worldview can be dismantled to the point that you have no answers in just a few questions, maybe you should reconsider it". He said he didn't want to and just wanted to live his own way, so he was left to consider it all.

The afternoon then finished with a wonderful chat with Larko and Tamati, two Kiwi young men. They thought it was likely that God exists and said therefore that they would be in trouble before God. In the end they came to understand the good news and said that they would strongly consider it and were thankful for the chat.

Please keep these people in your prayer as they head away from this afternoon considering what God has said the way to Heaven.

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