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Friday 28 June 2019

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With everything that is happening in the media and God's Word being attacked we are not surprised at all. The battle for truth is real. We know that the Gospel needs to be proclaimed and God's Word is the instruction manual to life not only for the short time here on earth but most importantly for Eternal life.

Without faith in the righteousness of Jesus we face God's just punishment in hell for eternity. Those who have been given a way of escape through the perfect work of Jesus are by faith in Jesus made righteous. Out of great love from God we then love Him and are thankful and we love others, God makes an appeal through us towards others to come to Him. We need to humble ourselves in admitting we are sinners in desperate need of God's grace then come into the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus our Lord and all He has done for us. Praise God our Father who draws us by His Spirit and is Sovereign. It is all His work and all Glory belongs to Him now and forever.

At Warwick this last week we saw God doing His work in many ways. People taking tracts and happy to receive them.

The conversations we have are very good and as we share what God's Word says we know that seeds are planted.

A lady stopped and was supportive of what we are doing. She said if people followed the 10 commandments we would have a better world. She is right in that but we know this would never happen because of sin. No one can keep God's law but God. It was a great opportunity for a good fruitful conversation with her. She was stirred in her heart about life and she had many questions that both Rick and myself were able to answer through what the Bible teaches, and also with some of her questions we admitted to be difficult for us too, but we trust God is good and will always do right.

We explained we trust that God is in control even when we can't fully understand why some things happen the way they do. God's ways are not our ways. He is God we are not. God is always good, kind and compassionate. His ways are always to do a good work in us to bring us and others to salvation. We explained that sin is the issue and we all are separated from God. We focused on her salvation and how important it is for her personally. This lady was so open and teachable, we gave her a booklet " Why is there death and suffering" a Gospel tract and also the booklet of John. She was challenged to read Ephesians 2 and Romans 8 and the book of John to get to know Jesus in repentance and faith. She has a Bible at home. Please pray for J.

God is softening hearts and doing amazing things by His Spirit through us. What a great privilege to be a part of God's ministry.

Another chat happened with a guy who received a gospel tract and as we talked with him he was explaining that his brother-in-law was moderator of a church and had just recently passed away. We asked if he was to die today would God let him into heaven? His reply was all wrapped up in his being a good person and told us about some of the good things he has done in his life. While doing good things for people we said was the right thing to do, and we should do good, we still have a sin problem that must be delt with here on earth, before we die.

We all will stand before our Creator to give an account. Only trust in the perfect work of Jesus to cleanse us from sin and to receive His righteousness will matter on that day. Jesus is who we need most. We had to stress a few times that good works will not get us into heaven and that Jesus is the only way. Please pray for J to read the tract we gave him and that the Holy Spirit would open his eyes to see and believe that salvation is in Christ alone. Thank you for praying to all who do pray, you are a blessing to the kingdom.

All Glory to our great God

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