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Friday 5 July 2019

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Last week a young girl came up and asked for a Bible. It is always so wonderful to have people wanting to receive a Bible. Also its great to be able to ask some questions and encourage them in the Gospel. God is doing all of the work in the heart. We are just like a sign post pointing to the salvation message that we have joyfully received by God's Mercy and Grace. It's all for His purposes and Glory.

When asked if the Bible was for herself, she told me she had read and studied it in the past and that she wanted to investigate it more. I shared the most important message is to be made right with God. To have God's Spirit and a new heart. First we need to hear the bad news and Gods Word and work is needed to admit we are sinners in great need for God's Grace (I like to use the song  “Amazing Grace”) and talk about how it says a wretch like me ... and how blind sin makes us. Then when we see our problem it helps us. God’s grace gives us ears to hear the sound of God’s call and to see our greatest need as He opens the heart to believe and appreciate the good news of Jesus!!!

She was asked some questions, we talked about the condition each person is in because of our sin. There is nothing we can do because we are spiritually dead only Jesus can save us. I wrote down some Scriptures gave her a couple of tracts and asked her to read them and if she needed any help that we are here on Fridays. She had to go, it was a wonderful conversation.

Rick listened and talked to a man who had been through some not very nice things, poor man is also new in town.  We were able to give him information where he could get help with food if he needed to. He was taken through the flip chart and given tracts. He was admitting his sin and heard the message of salvation as a gift not works. 

We had a few young kids with parents take tracts this last couple of weeks of school holidays. Sometimes the parents take the tract read a few lines then pass it to their child.

We were giving out the tract "The intelligence test" also other tracts and booklets continue to be handed out praise God.

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