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Friday 12 July 2019

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Every week is just as good as the last because when its God's work it's always good.

The one that was most memorable was a man I have talked with before. He was walking past and looked at the tract said um no, then he turned back and said oh ,ok I'll take it. Then a while later he was walking back and stopped. At first I hadn't remembered what he had believed and I said I know your face and we've chatted before and he said yes I'm an atheist. I got his name again and we chatted.

It was good he said that he wants to be a person that keeps learning, so he wants to be teachable. He talked about the climate change and said I would not agree with him. But on what he was saying I did agree with him that we have a responsibility to care for the earth God has given us. But again went to the fallen state of the world talked about Adam and Eve the consequences of sin, our broken relationship and the curse of sin on humankind and creation. I remember this man from last time and God is really doing a stirring work in his heart. He was challenged again about the truth of the Bible message.

Pray or him and all those we have had the privilege to share the truth in love.  Again we continue to have other Christians stop to encourage us and we are able to encourage them as well. All praise honour and Glory to our Sovereign triune God.

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