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Saturday 27 July 2019

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The weather on Bribie Island was ideal, and although it was relatively quiet, many of those walking past took tracts from our team. One lady stopped and took a Gospel of John for her son to read. A Christian couple passed our literature table and took a few tracts and a Gospel of John to pass on to one of their friends. Around 150 tracts were letterboxed on the island. We also had opportunity to have a few Gospel conversations.

  It was a real encouragement to have Mick join us from the Sunshine Coast. Again, a local Christian and his son came along and helped distribute Gospel tracts. Scripture has issued the call to evangelize; we are His witnesses (Acts 1:8) on earth. It is great to see Christians stepping out in obedience and genuine concern for the lost. We must continue to pray that more people from our churches will be convicted of the need to evangelize. Pray for more workers with a desire to share the good news with the lost.

  A group of girls went through the Gospel presentation using the “Good Person Test”, and though they quickly owned to their guilt, it was clear that they knew nothing about the gift of God in Jesus Christ, or what Christ had done to purchase our salvation. They were taken to the cross and Christ's sacrifice. They seemed to understand, but they did not appear to be greatly concerned. They were urged to think seriously about what they had heard. All of them had Bibles at home, and they were encouraged to start reading the book of John. They each took a Gospel tract as they left. Please pray that they would read the tracts, and that God would start a work in their hearts that would lead to their repentance and salvation.

  Two older ladies also went through the Good Person Test while the rest of their group moved on, openly scoffing. Originally they thought, as most people do, that they were good people, and that everyone goes to heaven. They said they tried to remain positive about what came after life, and they did not believe in any hell. As they moved through the Ten Commandments, they realized their guilt before God, and Michael showed them what Scripture teaches about hell, reading the verse from Revelation which tells of those whose place is in the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8). When they understood the existence of hell, they were rather concerned, but tried to brush it off. They heard the full Gospel, so now we pray that their hearts would be convicted, and that they would turn to Christ.

  Please continue to be in prayer for this outreach as we meet each month to share the Gospel. We appreciate your prayers and support as we work together for the extension of Christ's kingdom. May His Church grow, and His name be glorified.

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Bribie Island (QLD)

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