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Friday 16 August 2019

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Wow today we were amazed at seeing God’s Spirit working in a man walking past the table. He was at first looking away as if not interested, he even said no to us offering a tract as he got closer.  Just about passed the table, suddenly he stopped and said “can I have a bible?” gob smacked we said "of course you can."

Then he was asked if he had read the bible before. He said a little, but a long time ago but didn’t understand it. We talked about the main point of the bible is so we can come know our creator God. His plan through Jesus, who is God, is to save us from our sins. There is bad news and good news. He was taken through the law and the Gospel was explained to him. We gave him a booklet of John also, as we were using the bridge analogy that is in the front of the booklet.

He was challenged to see his greatest need is Jesus. We got his name and hope to see him again soon. Please pray for J. Rick said the Lord must have said "wake up J!" We pray so.

We also had a couple who were on their way to spread the Gospel to a town 4 hours away. They said they were born again and believing in Jesus. They went past us twice but were in a rush. They were given a booklet and a few different tracts and they were encouraged to check out the ministry website and read some of the outreach blogs that endeavour to bless and equip other believers.

Always plenty of tracts given out, so much hope in the seed of the Gospel in written form. We are so thankful to our Lord for the work He is doing here in Warwick. It's been very dry here, we are in pretty severe drought and would appreciate prayer for rain but add that God’s will be done in it all as He is Sovereign over everything.

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