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Friday 23 August 2019

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A worker who was pushing trolleys stopped, took a tract and was saying he believed in Jesus. Rick asked him if he were to die today why would God let you into heaven. He sounded like he was trusting in Jesus alone. He asked for a bible for his children, we gave him some of the Gideon bibles and two full bibles, some tracts and a booklet of John for his 13 year old.

He said his kids will love them. Pray for J, he is from another country where bibles would be hard to get and a lot of persecution for Christians in the country he has come from.

A man walked by and as he was offered a tract he said he wasn’t interested but he did take one, it was the “What is more important than water” tract. He continued walking away, but after he did his banking he walked past us again saying "It’s not true because if we don’t have water we will die." We said "yes, true but what happens after you die." He said "nothing, you just go in the ground and that’s it." This man was challenged of there being a creator and Eternity after we die and if he died in his sins he would find out that it is true and will have to give an account of his life when he stands before the judgement seat of God.

He went on to say that he still goes to church and I said "why do you go if you don’t believe it is true?" and he said maybe he would stop going. He elaborated as to why he said this - His wife had just passed away from cancer, as well as a sister and one of his children all in the last year. We said that we were very sorry for his loss and that was a lot to deal with in a short period of time. God took her he said and now he was left with no one.

He could see we had compassion for him as we tried to talk to him about God. We gave him a booklet “Why is there death and suffering in the world” he took it and we said that we are here each Friday if he has any questions or would like to talk further with us. Pray that he reads the tract again and the booklet and for God to stir his heart to respond to the Gospel.

It is very sad for we don’t know what teaching he was receiving and whether he was reading the bible to prepare himself and family for Eternity and life’s journey, all the up’s and downs we must face on a daily basis. God’s word is our refuge and strength for all time.

Bless His Holy name for giving us and revealing to us His precious word to lead, guide, encourage, challenge, correct, comfort and restore us when we fall and mostly thank you our Lord Jesus for laying down your life for the ones you chose to save, even before the foundation of the world.

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