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Sunday 1 September 2019

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This team featured a Father's Day special today, a.k.a., sharing His message of how a sinner can be reconciled to God the Father who with the Son and the Holy Spirit is the one true God. One of our petitions for this aspect of gospel ministry is that our gracious God would grant us opportunities to converse with those He wishes to be spoken to at this time. Among the results that we ask prayer for are:

     - 2 separate Asian couples who now have heard God's good news and are considering how to respond;

     - 3 teenagers one of whom seemed indifferent after hearing, another who had never heard who seemed interested and one who had needed to hear so his thinking could be conformed to God's revelation, i.e. the Bible;

     - a grandma, her son and his daughter who had some Biblical background. He grasped the great truth in Rom. 4. May he keep on speaking to his Mum who needed to understand this and that he will teach others in the family unit;

     - Jaime, who was invited to do the Good Person test as she walked by and declined but said that she was coming back. I was surprised when she returned and was ready to do it. We got through the test then Ryan came to help with the checking questions. She seemed to grasp it on the 3rd or 4th check. She said that this would be good for her children who were fishing with their father out on the jetty. She was encouraged to attend a local church that Ryan recommended and to read her Bible Jaime left with a gospel of John with some tracts inside it.

     - the ones who passed by and scurried away when they saw the 'down escalator'. 

     - the other chats we had, the tracts handed out and whatever else the Lord was doing that we are unaware of.

You guessed it: we went home rejoicing and thanking God for this opportunity to glorify Him alone.

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