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Tuesday 10 September 2019

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On 10/9/2019, this is the 6th Street Evangelism at Toowong. 
Today, we only had three team members i.e Pastor Lily Tam, Pastor Kiateck Tan and Rev Hung Kwan doing the street evangelism. All others are either engaged in other overseas mission or sick. As the deputy team leader, I again had to run around to have an eyes on team members and take photo of their work. Lily thru fellowship, shared that she is still comfortable only to hand out tracts and prepared to engage in gospel sharing only in an indoor environment. Nevertheless, she comes to serve without ever skipping a week. As for Kiateck, he originally was occupied in other ministry but still managed to come even half an hour later. He got a breakthrough today successful stopping some one to chat on Gospel. With above thing to care about, the available time within this one and a half hour session was limited. God still granted me 5 or 6 meaningful divine appointments with three stood out ones as recap below.

1) Near the main entrance of Toowong Village, Two Chinese young ladies from mainland China took English tracts from Lily , so I stepped up to approach them giving them my Chinese tracts and asked for permission to share. They anyway kept walking while letting me to share. It was just enough time for me to finish the core gospel message before the two ladies had to part. I anyway asked them to ponder on what I said when they read the tract at home. Pray for their comparatively hardened hearts be soften by the work of the Holy Spirit why they read the tract at home.

2) I went back to my usual spot at the foot of the pedestrian bridge, and met several girls who are student of UQ and was registering to hire a bicycle. All of them were in a rush, so I could just ask them to read the tracts back home.

3) Becky from Chongxian重慶, China一she was so nice to let me share despite she really was in a rush for the bus. Yet she still listen attentively and seriously and appeared very receptive to the gospel. She has shown interest to look fro church near by which I recommenced her to the CCCB - St Luica Ryan Street congregation. I also encouraged to connect with Power to Change once she decided to accept Christ for her ongoing spiritual growth.

4) Drew is an UQ students from an Indian family but he was born here. Despite he admitted his family religious background is Hindu, but he appeared to be a very open minded person to gospel and looked very receptive to the issue of sin must be punished. So again I introduced him to get connected with PRC.

5) Bobby is a working young man from Caboolture. He has no religious faith but his brother is a Christian. He was also in a rush to catch the train and skipped very fast on a scooter board. Yet he stopped abruptly to ask if I was handing out tract as he could see my desire when we cross eyes sight. To not delay his catching train, I walked or jogged along his roller scooter to finish the gospel sharing just on our arrival at the train station. He checked and found he still had a few minutes so we kept on chatting and even took a selfie. It was surprised how God has started changing him as a non-religious mind to find interest again in the Gospel. He promised to read the tract and talked to his Christian brother about today divine encounter as a spring board to his final acceptance of Jesus as his Savior and Lord of life.

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