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Thursday 12 September 2019

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Sunnybank 12/9/2019 Thursday

By mercy of God four of us still could manage to come to do Street Evangelism namely Andrew, Martin, Ann and Hung.
We all knows we can only do it in His strength and with His presence. We managed to pray together and encouraged each other to faithfully keep being used by God as His vessel to sow the seed of Gospel and in the meantime being nurtured by God for onward Spiritual growth of the evangelist ourselves.
For me it was also a day of grace that I have 13 divine appointment amongst which there were few stood out one including the one with a Christian young man (6), the Mormon girls who appeared totally convinced by my Gospel elaborations(7), and then to two African Muslim background girl that they show abnormal full identification with what I shared(9). Here is the recap of the 13 conversations.

1) A family of three from HKG with the Grand Father being a Pastor reluctantly stopped because of my HKGer identity, they showed impatience to the Gospel as if they knew it already but actually none of them have professed genuine Christian faith. They may have cheated themselves that they are OK because of the pastor-ship of their Grandfather. The son appeared a bit more rational but still stop short in holding back their father to finish hearing my full Gospel. Just pray for God mercy on this family. 一家三口香港祖父是牧師,,自己為是,雖因人停步,但明顯有抗拒,年輕人兒子尚好,求神憐憫

2) Another HKG couples with the husband appeared very anti-religion. The Wife behaved better to reluctantly let me share full gospel with her with a by stander from China listening together. Pray for God's work on them after hearing the Gospel. 又是香港老夫妻丈夫不願聴,妻子還是聽了,也略勉强,求神作為,旁邊也有一華語女士聼了,求神有祂的美意。

3)A Chinese old man was willing to stop to hear my sharing but turned irritated when sin was mentioned. He anyway still fished hearing full Gospel.中國大陸老爹,停聽但對罪的批判未能停受,但總算聽到福音

4) Islander Alice took the tract and willing to chat but cut short by the bus

5) Lady Tai from Shanghai, China found the gospel reasonable and responded positively promising she will read her small Bible again to get connected with God.

6) While I was talking to Lady Tai, a young man called Ryan Chien 簡 was listening by the side. He asked for a tract from me when I finished with Lady Tai. He claimed himself a Christian attending the Brisbane Taiwanese Uniting Presbyterian Church which I know well. I checked his assurance of salvation and unfortunately he failed the test. So I spent time to clarify where the misconception may have crept in. And he delightfully acknowledged full understanding of the three fold salvation of God (2Cor1:10) that even after we were saved by grace through faith of the atoning death of Christ to have regained our heavenly citizenship, we are yet to be a perfect masterpiece developed by God thru the power of the Holy Spirit. So we bound to appear still imperfect but it won't change God grace to have granted us 100% of the heavenly citizenship. I have introduced him to attend the Kairos course by CCCB St Lucia in Sept. May God used him to clarify the false concept of being a Christian but with no certainty of the salvation.

7) Mcloudy & Neeley 麥 & 倪姊妹,Both the Mormon Street Evangelists who dared to ask me for a tract. Since they are new here, so I took the opportunity to share the pure full gospel to them and to my surprise, both especially Mcloudy totally convinced of my explanation of gospel just falling short to recognized Jesus only as one of the lesser god head of three God with Father as the biggest God above of Jesus and the Sprint. With a relatively new mind of Mormon teaching, I hope the pure gospel will arouse the lost mind of Mcloudy to come to Christ in a miraculous circumstance. I invited both of them to come back to have more discussion next Thursday.

8) Russel a big fellow from Holland who behaved very positively. Despise of his non religious background, he appeared very friendly to chat and found the gospel trustworthy and logical to accept. Just pray for his time of salvation to come as soon as God's willing.

9) Jelliphine and Jasmine are students from Burundi Africa of clear Muslim background as the latter wore a head scarf. But surprisingly Jelliphine reacted very positively to the gospel accepting all what I said with amen chanting all along. Pray for another miraculous fruit bearing result of the Gospel.

10) An old lady knew where I am from and recognize me as a Christian but still willingly chat with me and took the tract. It on one hand was a great encouragement to me but on the other hand, it was a big pity I could not even started the sharing because the bus just came that she could not even left her name. Just pray for God's work on this unfinished divine encounter.

11) Evelyn a student from Taiwan who has no religion background. She was very nice and open minded with positive response to my Gospel sharing. And she knows SIC so I pray for God's continuous work to lead her to Christ as well as to SIC.

12) Emily and Penny are two girls from Taiwan coming here on working holiday visa. They were very polite and they still stopped despite in a rush to let me finish gospel sharing with positive respond. They are also aware of SIC that they may seek to attend.

13) May from Philippine who is non- religion but again also stopped to listen and she was encouraged to make her decision of a life time to accept Jesus ad her personal Savior.

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