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Friday 30 August 2019

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We were handing out the "Everything happens for a reason" tract and one lady who took one passed me again and said that her car was the other way. I said that she was meant to get the tract and Everything happens for a reason she agreed with me and laugh.

Today was a day where lots of people were responding positively and many taking tracts. We had a couple of good conversations.

One lady approached the us and was interested in the Bible table.  We asked her if she would like to go through the flip chart. At first she was saying living God's ways would get her to heaven but after going through the flip chart she was agreeing in the message of where we all stand as guilty of breaking God's law's and no work we can do will erase our sins. The good news was shared and this lady was visibly showing gratitude for Jesus. We know only God brings this understanding to anyone. She shared how she taught scripture to children many years ago and she had gone away from the teaching and wants to come back. We encouraged her how much we need to be in His Word as that is how God communicates with us. She said she had in the past studied the Bible with JW's and disagreed with them on the trinity and she believes they are wrong. God has protected her.

She was not seeking Christian fellowship as she has experienced  bad things in the past but we encouraged her that we need to seek out a good teaching church if possible to attend. We gave her a card with contact to a local church we would recommend. We also told her she had blessed us today to be able to talk with her. So it's all up to God how He will care for her as He does for His chosen ones. She took some tracts and was very thankful to be challenged to trust in Jesus for her Eternal salvation.

Another conversation with a man who was receptive has in his later years been involved in help in a country overseas where it is not a rich place but they are happy people who are rich in other ways. We can have too many material possessions and it may not be good for us. We can get spoiled and may not appreciate the blessings we do have as much as we should. Salvation is the greatest blessing and let's pray this man may receive God's gracious gift.

He was taken through the law and agreed that he was guilty. The Gospel was shared and we leave it to God to do a work in his heart. We pray he will be saved and be used by our Lord to share the Gospel with what he does for others.

We have a conference this weekend so will miss our regular outreach this Friday. But we are looking to be better equipped to share the message that 10 out of 10 of us need so desperately.

The good and great news of our saviour Jesus. All glory to God!!!

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