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Saturday 12 July 2008

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Since Josh Williamson was down in Sydney already for World Youth Day, Andrew Hsu and I lead the team on Saturday night. However, when we arrived at the city for the usual meet up at 7:30pm for bible reading and prayer, we discovered King George Square was totally fenced off. So after meeting up with some other team members, we walked to Anzac Square to read our Bible and pray.

Just before 9pm we walked to our usual preaching spot and set-up for the night. In the middle of Queen Street Mall, there were a bunch of Roman Catholics singing and dancing around an idolatrous pole. Since World Youth Day was starting on Tuesday in Sydney, we expected we would encounter a lot of Roman Catholics throughout the evening.

Even though some regulars were away, the team was still larger than usual. At 9:20pm Andrew Hsu opened up the preaching for the evening and stood down an hour and three quarters later. He had many people heckling him and asking questions about various subjects. One fellow called out to Andrew and asked him this question, "Why was a young Christian friend of his only given a month still to live?" So Andrew answered the question from a Biblical standpoint, referring back to our God made the world originally without death and suffering, but because of sin, the world is like it is now. However, some of the people listening tried to argue that because there is evil, God simply couldn't exist. But that objection in no way leads to the conclusion that God does not exist.

Other common questions were asked by the crowd, such as, "How do we know there is a God?", "What about all the bad atrocities done in the name of Christianity?", etc. So Andrew answered all those questions, whilst always coming back to the gospel message.

I then preached for the remaining 45 minutes. There was a number of hecklers who objected and asked questions. One bloke shouted, "There is no God". So I asked him what evidence that he has that there is no God. He then proceeded to say, "What evidence do you have that God exists?" However I pointed out, he made an absolute negative claim to the non-existence of God. To make such a claim, he needs to have good reasons why. Likewise, when I say there is a God, I need to provide good reasons to back that up. He realised he had no reasons as to why God could not exist, so he decided to run away.

Alex, our regular agnostic heckler, tried to propose that we cannot know any absolute truth because our minds are fallible. However, he erroneously thought that just because our minds can believe things that are incorrect, it does not mean everything we believe is incorrect. It seems that since Alex's arguments keep getting smashed each week, he needs to resort to the position that we cannot know anything at all.

Many one to one conversations were had, and heaps of gospel tracts and Bibles went out.

To God be the Glory!

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