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Monday 30 September 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba the team of three had a wonderful afternoon of outreach. With around thirty people hearing the gospel over the course of the afternoon! It is wonderful that in four hours, so many people can come to be able to explain back to you the way to Heaven and are left with the decision to trust in or reject Christ. Why not come along sometime and enable more people to hear?

An early and encouraging conversation was with Sarah. She very quickly came to hear and understand the way to Heaven. Her bus must have been running late because she was expecting it to come and it never did during the conversation. This enabled, after Sarah comprehended the good news, for some of her questions to be answered and some more confirmation to be given. At the end of the conversation she said she'd "never thought about it before but was thankful for the chat". When she was left, a first minutes later she was still reading the tract! Praise God for a wonderful conversation.

Later in the afternoon two of the young guys who often hang around the area came up to join a conversation. The lady who was being spoken to had to run and then one of the guys heard the law, whilst another seemed to be distracted but then the first guy, Cody seemed to lose interest and the rest of the conversation took place with Ty, who came to understand the way to Heaven and was seriously challenged about how he would respond to this good news. He saw that trusting in Christ would lead to him hanging out with different people, living a different way and spending his time differently.

Please be praying for both Sarah and Ty that they count the cost of trusting in Christ and make the decision this day to trust in Him alone for their forgiveness!

What a privilege it is to be able to proclaim the glories of our God and King to those in local areas. It is always exciting to see who God brings along to hear the message and it will be a great joy one day to see what work God did through the simple seeds of the gospel that were sown by the team. Come and help the team grow by 33%, join us next Monday from 1-5pm!

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