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Tuesday 8 October 2019

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Toowong Village - 7/10/2019 Tuesday 1330-1500

Praise and thanks God for calling a group of 6 faithful servants to join the Street Evangelism today despite of overnight sickness scare of our team leader Johnny, and the couple Winnie and Vincent from Gold Coast by 1.5 hour train one way, as well as Chi Ming and Di Tuen who will be leaving for Taiwan just a few days later. I must give glory to God for bringing up Chi Ming, Di Tuen and Winnie to have the boldness to share Gospel to strangers on the street. Winnie has been greatly encouraged to commit herself to do street evangelism regularly, not just at Toowong, but possibly in her home turf in the Gold Coast at the Surfer Paradise OPN 513 Friday night ministry in the near future.

Again, I teamed up with Winnie. This time God gave her lesson to wait with patience and had the heart to accept repeated rejections but finally allowed her to do a full gospel sharing with Dora from China with the "Good Person Test" hand held flip chart. Dora has heard gospel before, but the first time in this format. Pray that God will work further in her heart to receive Christ in His time.

As for me, God gave me nine divine appointments as recap below: -

1) Gethard from Germany who is married to wife from Guyana(圭亞那). He stopped with gracious heart despite he and wife were in a hurry with their baby. He quickly identified himself a Christian as such his intention to stop was to give me encouragement. I did not give away the chance to check his assurance of salvation. He refused to say he has 100% assurance but kept emphasizing that the source and base of salvation is by Christ alone. I just chipped in the idea that he should boldly declare 100% assurance of salvation faith despite he still finds himself yet to be transformed back to perfection again by the grace of God through the work of the Holy Spirit. He left joyously to rejoin his wife walked far ahead towards the shopping mall.

2) Julian , an UQ student from Malaysia who was in a hurry to catch bus for class. So he was the first one in today that I walked him to the bus stop to catch bus for UQ and just had enough time for the sharing of the nutshell of the gospel within 2 minutes before the bus arrived.

3) An Indian girl who was also in a hurry so l walked and talked with her the nutshell of the Gospel before we must part our way at the zebra crossing.

5) Grace(fake name) an UQ student from China having arrived here for just one week. She claimed herself a Christian and has already found her church for worship at CCCB St Lucia. She however, has no assurance in salvation faith that God used me to have clarified her incomplete concept.

6) Rose from England who has no religious belief. Again I walked her to the bus stop and finished the nutshell of the Gospel just in time before her bus arrived.

7) Hanna an UQ student from Iran. I also walked her to the bus stop. She was happy to listen to the gospel and surprised to find that her own country has now become a thriving Christian church nation both overseas and back in Iran.

8) Debby an Office lady took the tract from Winnie and sat there reading the tract right away while smoking. I approached to share the gospel verbally after she finished reading the tract. She appeared very responsive to the gospel and pray for God's follow up work in her.

9) The last person was the high light of today street evangelism who is an UQ student by the name of Sun孫 from Shandong, China. He found the gospel very logical and convincing and he disclosed that his passed way grand mum was a Christian so he can now identify with her to give his trust on Jesus. It was obvious that God moved him deeply to treasure this priceless salvation. It was proven by his reaction to endeavor to grab up the fallen tract blowing away by the wind that he did it at the cost of having his head hit on a rail by the road side.

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