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Saturday 12 October 2019

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Operation 513 was in Stratford today.  Jacob Moswa and I joined three members of the Sports Fan Outreach International in the rain.  The SFOI guys took a break after four hours in the rain and I continued to preach and Jacob spoke to a number of people.  Jacob and I both engaged with Samir, the Muslim outreach man.  We didn't get very far with Samir, unfortunately, as he always badgers us to show where Jesus said that He is God.  I mentioned John 8:24 and the 'ego eimi' statement of Jesus, but Samir wasn't accepting that. He asked Allah to make note that I was a liar, but we didn't get any further.  Jacob showed Samir John 20:28 where Thomas says, "Ho Kyrious mou kai ho Theus mou", but that didn't impress him either.  

Thursday afternoon, a 15 year old student was stabbed to death within meters of where we were ministering.  I wasn't confident to address the issue directly, but I stressed the Gospel repeatedly.  I went back to a sign left by SFOI near me declaring that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus  Christ is Lord.  

Jacob spoke with Marius from Roumania, whose father passed away recently and Alicia, a young woman who was very depressed.  I wound up giving out all my tracts this time to James from Barking, Mary from London and Steve,  They are all involved in outreach in London.  I started preaching for a marathon +90 minutes. I felt lead to emphasize Christ's humility in His birth, His life and His death.  False religion always exalts itself, but true religion is a call to humility, repentance, self-denial  and faith.  Curiously, some Black Hebrew Israelites sat down near me and a loud conversation ensued with Aaron, a Christian who argued with them for ages.  


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