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Sunday 27 October 2019

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We welcomed Janet to the team today for our post-hallowe'en witnessing time. Our gracious Lord provided an interesting variety of people to talk to. We remember these particularly at the throne of grace and hope you will supplement our petitions:

     - M. & R., a young couple who were open to hear the whole law and gospel challenge and departed with a N.T. each. May the Father draw them to the Son, Jn. 6:44...

     - S., a Philipino man who needs  a translator to understand the tract and likewise 2 young Chinese men.

     - C. a nominal Hindu who wanted to fulfill his mother's dream. After participating in  the law and gospel conversation, he was challenged to trust Christ alone and forsake Hinduism but he balked at that. May God soften his 'heart'.

      - 2 young Muslim men, H. & G., who were approached separately talked freely  of their beliefs When one of us was asked if we believed in the prophet Muhammad, the negative reply was given. Why? We said that his message disagreed with the preceding prophets. H. took contact details and will research Sura 5 . Pray the conversation continues.

We thank God for all the opportunities He provided for us today. We praise Him for how He builds His Church. We give Him all the glory. We went home rejoicing. 

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