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Sunday 10 November 2019

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Pink in "Practical Christianity",p. 160, "Love is the fulfilling {not a substitution for, still less the abnegation} of the Law,."  - on Rom. 13:10 for it inspires its performance."  

     Fynn had a long chat with Z., a young Muslim man. Although Z had some knowledge of Christ's death, he did not seem to progress. Perhaps he did but with his father sitting beside him, it is unlikely that he would have let on.  Regardless of our analysis, God arranged the rendezvous and He has a glorious purpose in everything He does.

     Meanwhile Railee and I handed out tracts but had not one protracted conversation. Still, we took what opportunities came along to plant a seed of doubt in a young atheistic mother's thinking. We also had a little time with a Indo-Fijian Hindu from Labasa, Fiji  where we began our married life a few years ago {But a very short time of married life, if it is possible to compare it with eternity???) This man 'tears up' every time he hears the gospel. He teaches comparative religion in private schools.

     We left rejoicing knowing that God always has His word do His inimitable work. As always, we thank him for the privilege of serving Him - such a privilege - and to Him be all the glory. 


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