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Saturday 7 December 2019

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Operation 513 was out in Romford on the Highstreet this afternoon for outreach.  The weather was mild with some  sunshine breaking through.  The crowds were pretty good and the Salvation Army played Christmas songs in front of the M&S until 3:30.  A conservative politician was also looking for votes for the upcoming election on the 12th.  A Japanese journalist asked me what I thought about the vote, but I told him that I can't vote.  He and his crew did take a tracts at least.  

I started preaching from Luke 2 once the Salvation army left. There are many rich topics in this text, beginning with the Roman census and the great assize that will take place at the end of time before God's throne to there being no room in the Inn for Jesus and how there is no room in our hearts for Jesus.  Jacob handed out tracts and had conversations with people passing by.  He had a lengthy conversation with the fellow shown in one photo, in particular. Jacob's son Israel had a bad cough so he couldn't join us this time.  

God bless, 
Chuck Bosio

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