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Tuesday 17 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowong Village : Tuesday December 17, 2019 1330-1500.

God vindicated our decision to continue serving at this chosen mission spot inspired by God despite the UQ school terms is over. Today three faithful members namely Col, Johnny who just came back from overseas trip and Hung turned up to serve. God was gracious enough to assign us ample divine encounter Kairos moments to share the Gospel. Johnny had at least four to five long chats with four groups of Chinese UQ students and one with a local Aussie boy. As for me, I got 9 chats of varying length with five Chinese, 3 Aussie and 1 Singaporean as recap below: -

1) My first gospel targets is a family of three from SGP by the name of Tsai, the parents came to visit their daughter and walking back to the daughter's apartment after finishing shopping. I Walked with the father for a distance long enough to share the gospel in a nutshell.

2) Franky is an UQ student from mainland China. He was in a hurry but I still managed to share him the gospel in a nutshell.

3) An English lady was greeted by me with the Merry Christmas card. She was given the explanation of the real meaning of "Merry" being the almighty power of God bestowed on us the sinners to be pardoned through the atoning grace of Jesus.

4) Kay is an UQ postgraduate from Xian, China. She stayed to do her summer study work and was on her way to meet a friend at a nearby mansion. She let me walked her all the way and listened to my sharing of full Gospel. She acknowledge Christianity has already become a thriving religion in China irrespective of persecution. Pray that God will get her over the line to receive salvation here in Brisbane.

5) Peter an UQ student from Beijing China, He got a Merry Christmas card from Col and I supplemented him with a full Good Person Tract. I walked him to the restaurant and gained enough time to share him the full Gospel which he appreciated and promised to ponder.

6) Joe , the Atheist I meet every Tuesday. I sang him the carol "God rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" to attract him with the question why Christmas alone is described as merry while all else are described as HAPPY. Successfully, he was given to know that Merry was an old English word denoting divine power given by God to us through the birth of Jesus giving us the Free Gift of Eternal Life up for us to grab by repentance and accepting Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord of our Life. Surprisingly, Joe found this factual and accepted this old meaning of "Merry' has given Christianity the right perspective amongst all other religions.

7) An UQ student admitting she is a Communist party member as such she could not accept my tract. But it shows that there is strategic prospective to one day used by God to reach out to these "Least Reached People Group"

8) Jenny was an English lady who was elegant and polite
enough to take my merry Christmas card and found interest to learn from me the real biblical meaning of the word Merry.

9) A old Chinese man claimed to be christian but was too arrogant to let me clarify his faith.

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