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Tuesday 24 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowong Village : Dec 24 , 2019 Tuesday 1330-1500

Praise and thanks God, the chance to have a chat , especially with UQ students were still plentiful despite of school holiday had started. Winnie in particular had 8 conversations as recap below in Chinese. All the other team member for today, Col, Johnny and Hung had all got their share of Gospel opportunities. For my eight conversation, they are recap as follows: -

1) Indian Christian family with the Mum walking ahead to be approached by me, did a brief chat and the other family members caught up. They seemed to be of Catholic Christian background that typically are lacking assurance of salvation. But they were pleased to be greeted with Merry Christmas with an explanation before they went on with the family happy hours.

2) Susan an English lady was polite to hear explanation of Merry Christmas.She also had clear 100% Assurance of salvation.

3) Amin, was an Indian man. I walked him to the bus stop across the shopping mall. He was torrent enough to hear the nutshell of the Gospel.

4) Liza, a middle age English lady who was so kind to take the tract and showed me the way to toilet.

5) Paul, Joy with three children from PNG. They are a Christian Family but was not clear about salvation. Yet they are Very happy to stay for a short while to chat and let me correct all mis-concept by the secular culture about Christmas.

6) A girl from from Xiamen who were willing to take my tract and let me explain. But Winnie asked to swap audience with Mandarin speaking Mr Ku.

7) Mr Ku from Hebei must have heard the gospel before.. It appeared that he is more than willing to receive Christ as his Savior and Lord.

8) Mother and daughter both with Tattoo appeared as non religious. Still happy to learn about the old meaning of Merry.

Winnie's battle Log : --

感謝讚美主 !回家後才傾盆大雨。在 Toowong 傳福音後,多謝 關牧師載我們到醫院探望大哥。我為他傳福音,禱告。希望神憐憫他,醫治他。亦希望大哥能早日回轉,信靠主耶穌基督。


第一對是中國少女,學生。Lillian & May. 第二位 是印度人,他説他信印度教。我解释他 耶稣基督與他的神是不同的。第三對,是中國來的大学生及女友來澳洲遊玩的。他們得到福音,正準備問及教會地址。我記得上次 Kenneth 给我咭片,我從手袋找给他們,可惜巴士到達,他們馬上上車。之后有一中國男學生叫 Bie 及女留學生叫 Grace,他們都接受了福音。最后一位是澳洲老年人,他説,他和太太曾经去過教會,但他們被教會欺骗,因此便永遠不再去了。我説 信耶稣基督 是你與神的關係,與教會無關,得益是你。你可以找另一教會。談了一輪,看他開始軟化,求神憐憫他們,讓他們重回主的懷裏!

感謝神 今天讓我有更多的考验,練習。這都是神的恩典。感謝讚美主!


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