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Tuesday 31 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowwong Village : Dec 31, 2019 1300 - 1500

Today, we had four team members of OPN 513 to serve. They are Col, Gary, Winnie and Hung. Despite it is already holiday period. God still gave each of us many divine appointment to preach the gospel to those hard reach people such as student from Mainland China and Hindu background people. I had just five as recap below, they were all unexpected targets that stopped and listened the full gospel. I could even had time to show them the First Ancient Novel revealed by God through the names of the ten patriarchs. They were all amazed at the all knowing almighty power of God ahead of time. By the way, they are all UQ students that still hanging around despite school term is over.

1) Indian girl stopped under the scorching noon sun and willingly engaged in conversation by moving to a shaded spot. She listened with full interest and agreed the salvation package of God is infallible. She is surrounded by Christian in her living circle. So I am sure it is only about time that she will submit herself to Christ.

2) A girl from Nanjing China, struggled with her shopping trolley that had lost balance because of bad stowage while crossing the road. I helped her to tow it to the bus station and share the gospel along the way. The Bus also just arrived as soon as we walked to the Bus stop. She had heard the nutshell of the gospel but possibly she was more impressed by my care and help.

3) Salina an UQ postgraduate from Zhuhai, China珠海. She was riding pass on a bike but was stopped by Col to accept a tract and prepared to ride on to her way. But the spirit urged me to stop her to hear the full gospel as well as the explanation of the first Ancient Noel. She was very friendly to me not like other Mainlander who keep a distance. She even encourage me that my Mandarin is perfect. After knowing she is from Zhuhai, then I know she identify with me being people of the southern part of China客氣. The sharing was good and she was all impressed. So pray for God's further nurturing action to harvest this first fruit.

4) Two girls got off the bus and appeared looking for the way to their destination. Again I volunteer to help and walked them to the student hostel they seemingly are moving in on their fresh arrival to Brisbane.兩女,One girl is from Yunnan雲南,and one from Beijing北京. Both appeared very friendly to me and listen to the full gospel as well as the First Ancient Noel. The girl from Yunnan actually asked for referral to near by church (CCCB St Lucia) and Christian group ( Power to Change)

5) Finch from Beijing also lives at the same hostel of the two girls. 北京 I stopped him for a chat right after my conversation with the two girls. He willingly listen up every thing I share and politely thanks for the gospel message. This was definitely yet another divine appointment that may bear fruit in His time.

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