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Saturday 11 January 2020

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On Saturday, by God’s grace we had total 11 labourers praise God!. The weather was great and accommodating for evangelism. As we all gathered, the word was shared on 1 Cor 15:1-4 and we prayed for outreach. 

We had quite a few interesting conversations, I met a lady called Nina she was waiting for her friend. When I approach her to give gospel tract and asked her if I could ask a question she said “yes” although she was little bit shy. So, I asked what was her idea on after life she laughed and said “um.. I don’t know” also she made the point that she was more of atheist. Simple apologetics and Romans 1:20 were shared to show that why creation is not only true but also scientific. It seemed like she was uncomfortable but wanted to keep the conversation going. Law was displayed by asking ten commandment questions and gospel was shared, she responded well and promised to think about it. please pray for Nina  

Carl was a interesting teenager, he was very honest with his answers, bit aggressive but engaged really well throughout the conversation. When the ten commandment was being shared, on the second question “have you ever stolen anything?’ he said “yeah” so what will you call me if I stole your stuff?” Carl answered “I will knock you out” but he got the point at the end that he is really not a GOOD person in the sight of God. We urged him to turn away from his sin and put his trust in Jesus Christ as we really do not know when we are going to die. Overall, Carl took the message quite seriously and understood the justification by faith. Please pray for Carl as you read this. 

From Huy Do:- 

This day’s evangelism was very productive, a conversation was wrought with two teenagers who was very attentive to the message of the Gospel. They understood the implication of the law, they understood that they are under the condemnation of God for their sins and that their only way out was that of Christ crucified at Calvary. Yet the thing that stood out was that they had encountered Operation 513 when they were at Gold Coast, Queensland, they had been preached to in regards to the Gospel already. This very much shows that God indeed is sovereign, that He is calling and commanding men to repent. Please pray that the Lord will continue to work on their hearts and regenerate them unto salvation.

From Daniel Supek :- There was a Maori guy who I had a chat to that wasn't going to any church who believed he was going to heaven by works so I asked him the question what was the reason Jesus died on the cross? He said to die for my sins. I said correct, for the forgiveness of sins, so I asked him how can you go to heaven by works if Jesus died to forgive you of your sins? I think he noticed the problem. I tried to make it clear to him that you cannot go to heaven by your own good works if Jesus died on the cross for you. You cannot enter heaven by works when you're good works aren't good enough, the standard for heaven is perfection since God is perfect. Romans 3:23 all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. We fail to keep the 10 commandments perfectly showing us we are incapable of keeping it and thus fail to make it to heaven by works, but Christ's finished work gets us to heaven. Then he thanked us for the chat. Then I told him how it was important for someone who is a believer to go to church, that God designed the church so believers can meet together to encourage, correct, worship together, he agreed.


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