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Sunday 15 March 2020

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On Sunday, It was Operation 513 Melbourne 2nd practical outreach session. Praise God for His faithfulness who sustains us to share this glorious gospel. By God's grace we had many wonderful chats with non believers. Dave and I made a good use of mini flip charts. 

Despite of corona virus hype there were lots of people in the city in Bourke st there are lots of men waiting for their families to finish their shopping so it gives us great chance to share the gospel with them. I met a guy in front ZARA clothe shop who was waiting for their family member, he was very interested with what I was doing with the gospel tract and graciously gave me a chance to have conversation with him till his family is out of the shop from shopping (in this case, I often pray that God will give me enough time to share the gospel in its fullness).

He was surprisingly very positive and receptive to the gospel and understood the need of God's justice and wrath to be satisfied to legally forgive us as God cannot contradict his own attribute which is HIS justice but during the conversation his family members came out from the shop so he had to leave however praise GOD ! that it was enough time to share the gospel. 

From Dave :- 

Following are ones I spoke with... 

* Michael and Steve (basketballs). Did Flipchart. 

* Joshua - Filipino good talk through Flipchart. Christian who needed assurance. 

* Man who thinks he is the devil. 

* Muslim young man who needs to know that Jesus is the mediator 


Overall, it was great day. I pray that God will use this practical training session to be used to empower the saints so that those saints can empower their church and encourage the church to share their faith regularly for God's glory sake and for people's salvation

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Also we have a practical training outreach each month. Next one will be: Sunday 15th March 2020 4pm-6pm at 385 Bourke St, Melbourne.