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Sunday 31 May 2020

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Yesterday, some of us from the Bribie Island team were privileged to attend the practical training outreach using Omegle.  And wow, what a tool!  We were so encouraged by watching others from Op 513 sharing the Gospel live through this website.

  So...we decided to give it a try.

  After setting the safeguards in place, we started Omegle up, taking turns so that all of us could have a chance to share the Gospel, as well as to listen from the back. 

  It started with:

“Can I ask you a question?“

CLICK!  Ok, new person.

“Can I ask...”


“Can I...”


It took many “strangers" before someone was happy to talk. 

  This 35 year-old man spent close to an hour with one of the team.  He heard the Gospel several times, but refused it.  He eventually said, “You’re a very nice person; you are a good person, but what you believe is @#$! rubbish!”

  But the amazing thing is that he stayed to talk.  Some of his objections were met and answered, but still he was very hardened.  It seemed he had been hurt before by “religion.”  He said Christianity was dangerous and that Christians taxed others, but at one point, you could hear the doubt in his voice.  He wasn’t as sure of himself as he would like to think.  We finally left him with a link to a Christian website and encouraged him to think about what he had heard.

  Our next “stranger" was a young girl who had never thought about the afterlife.  No one had ever shared the Gospel with her, and she didn’t know who Jesus was.  She initially said she believed in Satan, but not in God.  She changed her mind within the first few minutes.  She already knew she wasn’t a good person because she said she “was mean.”  Going through the law of God, she had no doubt she was heading for hell and her solution was to reverse her bad deeds.  When we explained why that wouldn’t work, we also gave her the real solution to our problem of sin—Jesus.

  When she was asked the checking questions, we could see she still believed her good works could save her.  We did another loop through to re-explain the Gospel.  Still she believed that to be saved she had to “respect others and obey God.”  We went through it again, and then asked the same question.  Her answer was to “trust in Jesus and respect others.”  On the fourth time explaining the free gift, unearned and undeserved, we asked what she must do to be saved.  She said, “Trust in Jesus.”  When we asked if there was anything else we had to trust in, she seemed to understand that Christ had paid it ALL.  It was like the penny suddenly dropped, and she was excited.

  She said that what she had heard had really helped her.  She said she had a Bible, and that she would read the book of John and think about our conversation.  She was urged also to act on it and to put her trust in Christ.  We also left her with the link to

  What an amazing tool!  We are one click away from a person who is just sitting and waiting to talk to us.  Please pray for the conversion of these people we have spoken to; pray for wisdom, guidance, and protection for us; and pray that God’s kingdom would grow through this internet evangelism.  May there be many more Gospel conversations.  

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