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Saturday 13 June 2020

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On Saturday, the weather was quite warm and constant. By God's faithfulness, we had 5 labourers to share the gospel. 

It was so good to be back to the street again, there was protest in the Bourke st so we had to do one on one evangelism to begin with. We had two new people who joined us for evangelism who were Holly and James it was great to have new people who were passionate about preaching the gospel. Myself, Holly and James went as a team. 

We encountered group of people from Italy who were visiting Australia, when we approached them they graciously allowed us to ask questions about their eternity, as I shared the law they were laughing and chuckling I had 'what happens to you when you die' mini flip chart so it was very handy to share the gospel even more clearly. When gospel was finally shared, some people looked they were interested in this good news but some people kind of laughed and did not take it seriously. I cannot remember all of their names but please pray as you read this report. 

I also met a guy from German who were here in Australia with working holiday visa. I stopped him to share the gospel in the middle of the street but he responded really well and after I shared the gospel he said that he would like to believe in the gospel that Jesus Christ died and rose again. Please pray for him as you read this report. 


From Holly:-

Although I intially had a lot of fear and anxiety leading up to Saturdays evangelism, I was also asking God to remove my fear and give me boldness and allow his holy spirit to speak through me. I prayed for divine appointments, and I feel so blessed in knowing that God answered all of my prayers. The highlight of my experience on Saturday was talking to a young man who was intially quite open and responsive to what I was sharing about Jesus. He shared that he was interested in mediation and hinted to the fact that he had also used drugs to reach a state of transcendence. He acknowledged that each person is looking for purpose and meaning in life (which reminded me of how God has put that yearning in our hearts so that he can fill it with himself) We spoke about religion and how he said that most religions are talking about the same God. Somehow the Lord gave me the words to speak to this guy and share that Christianity was much more than a religion, but a relationship, and that other religions are based on striving and good works, but that God sent Jesus his only beloved son to die in our place so that we would not have to. As we wrapped up our conversation I shared that I would be praying for him, and that if he really wanted to know God, God would reveal himself to him.

It is an honour and privilege to know that the Lord used me in sowing a seed in that man's life, and I am praying that it would fall on good soil and that he would encounter Jesus and accept him into his life.

This is an experience I will never forget, and I was greatly encouraged by my fellow brothers in Christ who faithfully come out each Saturday to spread the gospel, being Jesus' hands and feet and taking up the great Commission. God definitely shows up and moves when we take that step of faith despite our fears, and proves himself faithful and loving.

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