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Monday 8 June 2020

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Melbourne team could not go out on Saturday as I have done the COVID -19 and realised that I have to legally quarantine myself till the result comes out..ha..ha.. but praise God ! I got my test result the next day. And in God's providence, the following Monday was Queen's birthday so we still could go out for street evangelism. 

God faithfully sent 4 labourers, we had many wonderful conversations with 1 on 1 evangelism and also flip chart evangelism. We ended up staying late than normal times as we met brothers and sisters in Christ who wanted to chat with us about evangelism! 

I pray that they will step further from just being encouraged by other Christians sharing gospel to actually sharing gospel themselves for God's glory and people's soul's salvation

From Dave Knight:- 

A lot of people around because of the holiday. We set up the flip chart on the corner of Swanston and Burke streets. After one of the flip chart presentations I had the opportunity of speaking with a young man who said he was an agnostic atheist. His explanation of this was to be somewhere between the two. He talked with me at length for about 40 minutes and at the end I left him my email address. A few days later he sent me an email asking if we could meet for a coffee and chat. I wrote back stating that I would be happy to do that and I’m praying he will respond and we can set up a time and place to meet. Please pray for this young man.

From Huy do: 

This Monday's evangelism proved quite productive. The Lord was gracious to gather crowds after crowds after crowds. I perceive many of the people in the crowds had that realizing facial expression when Christ was preached as the one who satisfied the wrath of God for all those that believe. Many were illuminated as to what God did to forgive and still be just. I ended the encounters with a call which I intend to focus more on, that Christ is a saviour who can save the uttermost of sinners, and will wash away all the sins of those that come to Him by faith that He died for them and rose on their behalf. That He will separate the sins of those that believe as the east is from the West. I praise God that He has illuminated many minds as to the extent of the Gospel and only pray that He will save them.


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