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Saturday 20 June 2020

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On Saturday, We met in front of H&M as always after short time of fellowship and prayer we set up 2 good person test charts. I thought there would be small group of protesters but there wasn't any. Praise God! 

There were lots of people in the city who were willing to engage in the chat. I remember, group of young girls who confronted me and Huy about what the bible says regarding homosexuality. Those young girls came after they had intense chat with Huy Do so I had to tell them that bible clearly says that homosexuality is a sin and that those who practice homosexuality will go to h***. But I explained further that even lying and committing adultery (looking someone with lust) is a sin so it is not only homosexuality that lead man to h*** but other sins. So, I pleaded to those group of young girls to listen to me very carefully (as they were making noise and did not want to listen to my response rather lashed out their anger against the bible) and I had to tell them earnestly that I do care about their eternity and as a loving person we do not want to lie to them about what the bible says. Then, those teenagers actually became quiet and I could share the gospel with them. Please pray with us as you read this report. 

I spoke to one homeless man that had broad idea about Christianity so I shared about salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. He seemed to understand and agreed with it. He had some genuine questions about Christianity. please pray for the homeless man as you read this report. 


From Huy Do:- 

On Saturday the 20th of June, we set up the flip charts as usual. There were people at first, they came, but it was in relatively small groups. I preached to them using the flip chart, but found that it was with little power, though I perceive they understood the message, I perceive also that I had no power. I prayed the entire time we were there, I just stood and prayed that the Lord would draw those whom He wills to draw, and that we must not trust in the arms of the flesh, for only if He acts then we will prosper, if not, we will fail. I prayed and prayed and prayed until I had a group of young girls came and take the test, in going over the test with them, another group of young girls came, and they were homosexuals, the second group that came had heard the Gospel last week as well, so they came and stood again, but this time, not with passivity to hear the Gospel but in active opposition to it. I addressed their objections, one thing led to another when an old man came and heckled at us, he was extremely angry, accused me of hating homosexuals, and of using scare tactics. I addressed him accordingly until I looked around and saw the biggest crowd I had ever seen, he kept yelling over me until at one point I could not hold it in anymore and preached as loud as I can the grace of God, that Christ Jesus died on the cross to save sinners and fervently called people to repentance, and faith, to receive this free gift of everlasting life in Christ Jesus and be forgiven of all their sins. The crowd was large, but very hostile, nonetheless, I ended with a plea to repent and believe, and offered tracts to all that are willing to come and take it. Some came and took it, but not as many as I had thought. But the work was not in vain, for I would rather have not many come and take it but that those that came and took actually read and were saved by the grace of God, then would have many come to take and they all threw it in the trash can. We also had a table set up with tracts and bibles to give away, but during the preaching one of the girls from the homosexual crowd took it all, to which I presume she threw away, a fellow man even knocked down the flip chart and yelled at me more, afterwards a homosexual girl came and talked to me on a one to one basis and got so angry that she tried to tear up the flip chart. This great opposition to the Gospel of grace and the crowd therefrom shows me that I am on the right track. A fellow laborer, Daniel, took a picture, I had looked at it afterwards and counted more than 40 people were gathered in the crowd to hear the Gospel and many stayed afterwards to hear what further I had to say, and heard more of the Gospel. Furthermore, even after that intense street preaching session, several more smaller crowds were gathered by God’s grace and heard the Gospel. Even afterwards, about 30-35 minutes after that intense encounter, a member of the crowd came and said that he saw how intense it was and left but he actively came back to speak to me and received a tract. Praise God for this evangelism encounter, how He used this poor frail soul to do a mighty work.


All glory to God for amazing work He has done through unworthy servants like us ! 

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