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Wednesday 22 July 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday July 22, 2020 from 1300-1500

Praise and thanks God for calling Gary to join Johnny and Hung this afternoon at Sunnybank to witness for Christ. Gary made two big sign and showed it near the bus stop to both the passengers getting on and off the bus as well as attracting attention of the ongoing traffic. God definitely will use his such extraordinary acts to impress people that the message we share is utmost importance to their eternal wellbeing.

I still chose to play a less active role because of my cough that I had to keep a distance from people whom I had a chat. In the meantime, Johnny had again numerous and almost nonstop gospel sharing opportunity that he definitely would have lost count of the number. I tried my best to capture all those moments if I was not engaged in another conversation. There were again many signs of God's work leading Johnny and Gary to have very special chat to non-believers as well as to people of other faith. Johnny had a long chat with two persons from Taiwan on working holiday. And they have been quickly grabbed by the Mormon Cute but God helped to stop that two guys and let Johnny had an elaborated apologetic discussion with them, like what he had yesterday with a JHW woman. God is always at work and leads us to do what he has Willed and Planned.

As for me, I had six conversations as recap below: -

1) I followed up with a lady that Gary had approached and gave here the Chinese Tract. She claimed she got the tract before so than I asked what did she learn from the tract. She of course could not explained hence I quickly gave her a nutshell of the gospel before her bus came. ( 另一女士,聼過)

2) Then I carried on to follow up with a Chinese old couple from Guangzhou, China approached by Gary. Lucky that I did that as the husband completely misunderstood Gary thinking Gary warn him about falling branches from the tree. When he knew that Gary was actually sharing gospel with him, he shied away to avoid further chat. But his wife Madam Chen was more opened especially when she found out we are all Cantonese speaking. Again, she claimed to be a Buddhist and she has received similar tract from her Christian friends. I of course would not give up but keep sharing the gospel afresh to an extent she admitted it is clear, sensible and logical to accept. And then the bus came to end our conversation.( 陳, 廣州聽過,未信, 丈夫較僵化 , approached by Gary first)

3) Then God brought another non-believer also from China to stop for a chat. Unlike many other mainlander, she was very opened and receptive to the gospel that she claimed hearing it for the first time. She also admitted she is not perfect as such she also need Jesus to save her. While I was about to post the checking question to help affirming her redemptive faith, two of her friends suddenly turned up and kidnapped her away from me with an very obvious vicious purpose stopping her to have further chat with me. The lady was reluctant to go but still being dragged away. So this seemingly was a typical spiritual warfare attack but I believe God will have the final victory to ransom that lady from the hand of the evil one.(未信者認同接受但被朋友劫走)

4) Winnie a Vietnamese Buddhist stopped willingly to chat. Her initial mindset is to show that all religions are good. She even claimed she believes in God, but actually just Buddha which she reckons as God. But I led her to know that even the Buddha admitted he is imperfect and had sin to be punished unless some perfect one comes to save him. Winnie had no point to disagree and gradually she also was bought in to accept the logicality of the Gospel. I encouraged her to read the tract at home and prayed to God for forgiveness of her sin through accepting Jesus as here personal saviour and Lord.

5) The I caught with Jimmy and tested on his understanding of assurance of salvation I clarified last week. He answered correctly and posted several other questions about Judgement and the 2nd coming of Christ.

6) Finally I came across A Japanese girl who was in a rush to look for something. I nevertheless gave her both the Japanese and English tract. Her mind was pre-occupied by something else, but I still managed to leave the seed of Gospel in her heart.

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