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Tuesday 28 July 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday July 28, 2020 from 1330 - 1500

We were over joy to have Yan Chang from Toowong Baptist joining us through invitation of Johnny. Naturally she partnered with Johnny to observe and learn how to do street evangelism partly by our skill but mainly by the power of God through the work of the Holy Spirit in us to stop the right person at the right moment sowing the seed of Gospel. God repeated His trick like last week testing our faith and patience to wait before him. Despite we have opening prayer every time before we started as a team, this time , God let no one stop for a chat for the initial 15-20min. It was OK for Johnny and Yan as Johnny was taking the time to teach Yan. But for us, we knew we have to initiate a second tier of prayer. So Winnie took up to pray for divine appointments. And really soon after that, both Winnie and me as a team and Johnny and Yan as another team started having gospel sharing opportunities. Johnny had four long chats while Winnie had Eight chats reaching out to 10 people as shared below in Chinese with my English translation.

As for me, I still played an inactive role only getting overflow gospel targets if everyone else were engaged in gospel conversation. As a result I only had four short conversations as recap below.

1) Esther an UQ student from Venezuela. She took the tract from Winnie but walk on. So I asked if I can walk with her for a while to share about the tract which she agreed. After a while, She declared she is a Christian but failed the diagnosis test having no assurance of salvation. So even though she was in a hurry, I was able to get her understand our salvation was the work of Christ and Christ alone that we only need to accept it by grace through faith. She acknowledged it with thanks and went home with peace in her mind.

2) Daniel, a local Aussie from NSW, again took a tract from Winnie but did not stop. So I asked for his permission to share the gospel with him and he politely stopped for a while. So, basically he is a non-believer and heard the Gospel for the first time. He found it sensible and logical to admit he is a sinner despite also a good person and he needs Jesus to take his place for the punishment of sin. He promise to pursue God when he get back to NSW. He is a mechanic but caught locked up here in Queensland because of the Covic -19 .

3) I Followed up with a Singapore girl whom Winnie had approached. She is a Catholic background Christian who has noa assurance of salvation. SO I help her to know that she is saved by grace through faith in Christ alone so as to help her to establish 100% assurance of salvation in Christ.

4) A local Aussie men in black graciously took my tract and happy to listen to my gospel sharing. It was a pity I only had time enough for the nutshell of gospel before the bus came. Trust in God anyway for follow up work.

感謝讚美主 今天的帶领。我們到達傳福音的地點後,等了15 分鐘,都沒有人願意接受單章及留下聽福音。關牧師叫我禱告,求主带領。跟着很多人都願意留下聽,及回教會。

第一及第二位是中國來,UQ 學生。Fay 和Lisa。Lisa 是上海來的。他們都是未聞福音,聽完了我講的,接受免费禮物,願意到教會尋求更多真理。 The first and second are UQ students Fay and Lisa from Shanghai. They heard the gospel for the first time and were willing to go to church near by in St Lucia.

第三位是一天主教背景的澳洲農村婦女,自以為得救但未全明白救恩、The third is a Country woman of Catholic background. She did not want to chat but took the tract and read it right away while waiting for her friend's call. Afterwards Winnie was able to have a brief chat to found out she is already a Christian but obviously not have full understanding of Salvation.

第四位,中國少女,講了一半,巴士到來。The 4th was a Chinese lady, the bus came when I only shared half of the gospel.

第五位,George, 也是中國學生,基督徒。經過我們談論救恩後,他是完全明白,得救的基督徒。The 5th was George also an UQ student from China. After chatting, I found him a doctrinally sound Christian having correct understanding of salvation.

第六位是 Danny, 澳門來的。也是第一次聽福音。祂聽完後,願意回教會,尋求更多的真理,才能決定。The 6th was an UQ student from Macau. He listened to the gospel for the first time. Afterwards, he was willing to accept Christ and wanted to go to church.

第七位是 Singapore 來的 天主教徒,我説 基督教是信靠主耶穌基督,在十字架上的救赎,只要信靠,罪得赦免。不是靠Maria 及神父。後來 關牧師也同她談論救恩,相信祂一定明白了。The 7th was an UQ student from Singapore of Catholic background.

第八 & 九位是 印度夫妻, 男本婉拒但妻願聽。The 8th and 9the were an Indian Couples, the man initially declined but the wife wanted to hear the gospel. Praise the Lord.

第十位澳洲年老人,Morris, 他也是第一次聽聞福音,願意接受免費救恩,罪得赦免,願意回敎會。The 8th was a local Aussie elderly man. He was glad to be approached and heard the gospel for the first time but also showed willingness to accept Christ and want to go to church.


Thanks God for His guidance and listening to our prayers for bringing above people to us to hear the gospel and to accept Christ or expressed desire to pursue knowing more about Christ.

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