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Wednesday 16 September 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Sept 16, 2020 from 1300 -1500

It was a day of grace that I received heavenly rewards by meeting with many ex-Gospel conversation targets who recognized me and showed their appreciation and encouragement.

As usual , we worked as a team with the regular team mates Johnny and Gary. God made us work seamlessly supplementing each other to get those initial rejective people turning to receptive on our 2nd approach by another team mates. We all had almost non-stop opportunities to chat. Recap below was my personal battle log of 12 persons/groups: -

1) A Chinese young girl who claimed to be non religious not willing to enter into a conversation, but God still opened her a bit to let me just touch base on the Gospel before the bus came.

2) After seeing that Girl off, I noticed a lady in mask looked at me with a grin smile. Actually she took initiative to greet me and said we met before. With so many people met every week, I asked if it was last week or last month. She laughingly said it was two years ago in 2018 and prompted me that we had a long chat on matter about mission. Then my vague memory came back that it was Moon Suk a Korean Christian Girl who are curious in mission work and admire our persistence to do street evangelism every week. She said she actually had been watching out during the past two years and noticed we are the rare Asians amongst the local Westerners to preach Gospel to people of all nations on the street competing with the Mormon who are active here. She said she is a member of the Korea Presbyterian Church in Sunnybank. We parted with blessing for each other to continuously serving our Lord as led by Him. (Johnny later told me, Moon Suk declined to take tract and did not stop. So he was a bit curious how come she was willing to talk to me)

3) An elderly man from Sichuan called Luo Tsang. 老曾四川信徒 He was not keen to take tract or chat but when I noticed his accent of Sichuan, and associated with him by my 3.5 year Earth quake relief work from 2008 to 2011, he then opened up to admit he is a Christian. It was a pity there was not enough time for me to diagnosis on his assurance of salvation, which I can only give him the Benefit of the doubt. and pray that he would not remain stagnant on his spiritual growth.

4) Ellen and another HKG girl both were not very keen initially but showed more interest when we found that we are from Hongkong. They have no religious belief. They came here as working holiday and had done hard yard at Bundaberg which gave me another affiliation with them. I shared the gospel to them in brief before the bus arrived. Hope the message and the tract will do the job.

5) David Wu, an ex-GCCCC now a SIC member, also took initiative to greet me. I was at a loss to recall who he is. Finally I came to the knowledge that he was the Kairos graduate at GCCCC in 2015 and had removed up to Brisbane in 2017 to buy up the Physiotherapy clinic from Alice Poon. Pray that his sense of Bottom Line blessing to reach out to people of other nations will be carried out through his work practice at Time Square.

6) Sebastian from Arlee beach near Townsville but moved to Brisbane 7 years ago. He answered my diagnosis question correctly to prove that he is a fair dinkum Christian. I encouraged him to do likewise to share the gospel to more people around.

7) Victoria a mum with two kids who is local Aussie but with Italian and British parents. So she is adaptative to cross cultural relationship building. She is non- religious, but found the gospel sensible and logical to take heed of the salvation offered by Jesus. I encourage her to read the tract and make the decision as guided by the Spirit first so that she can help her two children to get saved as well.

8) A young lady from Canton China who was on a rush to work.鍾廣州來很久沒信仰感謝 She allowed me to walk across the Pedestrian foot bridge with her so as to share the gospel in this short time gap. She thanked me at the end and promised to give a heavy thought of the salvation of Jesus.

9) An Indian boy was happy to listen to the Gospel but was cut short by the arrival of the bus. Pray that he will read the tract and we can meet in future.

10) Teresa a Taiwanese student coming here to study but uses her spare time to do bulk purpose for shipping back to Taiwan. I met here last week. She was first approached by Johnny, but quickly we recognized each other and continued on chatting along. She showed great interest in Gospel and asked me to have her more tracts to hand out to her friend. She bided me good bye and looking forwards to meeting me same time next week.

11) Two Japanese couples took the tract but did not stop to chat

12) A Vietnamese girl I chatted last week or so stopped to greet. Just had a few words to encourage her to keep pursuing for eternal life.

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