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Tuesday 22 September 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday September 22, 2020 From 1330 to 1500

Gary came to joined us while Yan was not available. So we continued to serve at Toowong with a team of Four. The more we serve God in a street evangelism environment with so many uncontrollable factors, the more we experience the sovereign control of God throughout the whole course of our 1.5 hours ministry time. Without God's intervention, the normal response we get is blunt rejection. Many of our approach today faced initial rejection but once God intervened, we miraculously can get a conversation later at our 2nd approach with good result. Both Gary and Johnny now also would occasionally left their outreach outpost to walk with gospel targets to the Bus Station to continue with their conversation until finished or the arrival of the bus which ever happened first.

I have 6 conversations while Winnie had 8 as recap below: -

1) Emma an Indian girl was first approached by Winnie. She cheerfully declared she is a Christian. I felt it was the right time for me to interject and demonstrate to Winnie how to diagnosis and ensure if she has assurance of salvation. Not too surprise, she claimed she ony has 80 % assurance which however is stemmed from her good deeds. The 20 % uncertainty is the room she feels she might learn to love and trust Jesus more. So we had to correct her understanding that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus alone as it was Jesus who died as a perfect man to take our place for eternal death punishment in hell. Can only pray that God will humble here heart to take in this this opposite view about salvation.

2) Manijan is a Malaysian girl seemingly of Muslim background. But she appeared very friendly for a chat. She also was receptive to the gospel I shared just in time before the bus arrived. Pray for God follow up work in her heart.

3) Then God led me to talk with another Two Malaysian girls. They were chatting by themselves but did not feel offended by my interjection to ask for a chat to share the Gospel. The response was positive despite I did not have time to cross check their full understanding because of the arrival of the bus.

4) Jacky is from Quangdong 廣東 who rejected both Winnie first then me a short time later. But his bus had not yet come, so I approached him the 3rd time aiming at just handing him the tract. He reluctantly accepted it and query what was it all about. Then God re-opened the shut window for me to have a very throughout sharing of both my testimony and the core of gospel. His attitude turned more friendly and receptive when I found out he is from

Quangdong and can speak Cantonese. He even missed the bus because he wanted to finish hearing my sharing. So it was so obvious that God had soften his heart and turned him around to be one receptive person to the Gospel.

5) Naja was an old lady from France. She also showed reluctance to have long chat as such she dismissed Winnie after a short conversation. But God made her bus not arriving for more than half and hour allowing me time to share the full gospel with her that she initially did not want to listen in depth.

6) Then I chatted with two UQ students fro China. One appeared more friendly and talkative. He indicated he has many Christian friends and has heard of the Gospel many times before including through meeting of the Power to Change. Then the bus arrived to cut our conversation short. I added only at the end that, he has already been locked up as a target in God's radar.

感謝主 今天的帶領,謝謝關牧師的教導,今天上到一課,確實得救的確據。今天,神 讓我遇上八人傳福音的機會。

第一位是上周遇到的香港青年,偉行。他是 UQ 學生。我問及他的信仰,再次講述我們的罪,耶穌基督的大愛。他説間中都有跟朋友上教會。我説大學都有一教會,可以到那裏主日崇拜。

第二位,Emma, 她説是基督徒,當我們講及信仰時,關牧師到來,問及她確實得到全部救恩。從中我便學到新的一課。



第五位是印度男女朋友,Lesley,女培男朋友 Tom 來澳洲讀書。Lesley 願意信靠主耶穌,尋求更多真理。



第八位 Steve, 來自 California, 聽完福音後,願意抽時間去教會。

雖然每周我都需要 1.5 小時上 Brisbane 傳福音,但每次都學到不同的功課,感謝讚美主及關牧師的教導。ô

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