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Wednesday 7 October 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday October 7, 2020 from 1300 - 1500

We started with only two of us Johnny and Hung, but Col and Allen later joined us to become a team of four. As usual, we stationed at the two sides of the pedestrian foot bridge. Some form of team work did exist under the sovereign control of God. For instance, some one got a tract from one side, showed to us on the opposite side aiming to gain a waiver but often time, God used this a a means for us to stop them to explain on the tract that collected.

Today, God let me encounter many Christians who claimed to have 100% of assurance of salvation but upon checking the reason, it was all wrong basing 100% on the good deeds they have done. This is an alarming sign that many Christian Churches have not provided sufficient biblical teaching to their sheep.

As usual, Johnny and I had near non-stop chances of sharing. I registered 10 divine appointments as recap below: -

1) Kline a local Aussie was in a great hurry but he was polite and kind enough to stop for a chat. I hastily shared with him the nutshell of the Gospel. He showed positive and receptive reaction and was moved to take a serious thought on it though he really had to go. I later crossed shoulder with him while I was doing walking preaching with another woman, he anyway gave me a big grin to show his appreciation.

2) I mistook a Korean as Chinese but found out in time to exchange for an English tract. He was really rushing for some personal matter. But it paved the readiness for me to be more sensitive to differentiate race upon my subsequent approach with Korean really turning up.

3) Ms Sze 斯 a very gentle young fair lady from Taiwan 台 in quite formal dressing as if she was up for some businesses function. But she stopped without hesitation to spend more than 20 minutes to listen to my gospel sharing and end up feeling overwhelmingly drawn by the message 很投入 that she has heard many times before. But this time it hit her heart and really made her feel convinced to accept Jesus. Praise the Lord.

4) An old lay Mrs Dong董 from Heibei 河北 China looked very worrisome and even lost her sense momentarily stopped and standing in front of me. I asked if she needed help than she came back to her sense and started chatting with me. When I wanted to share gospel with her then she lamented that she has no mood to

listen as her wechat account was locked up because of forgetting her password as such she cannot communicate with her family in china.心煩 I offered to walk her across the bridge and shared with her that losing wechat accessibility is a bad experience but im comparison to losing our place in eternity suffering in hell would be a more serious issues.步行聆聽. Her mood changed after hearing the good news. The previous Aussie man greeted me with a big smile also amazed her that we can have joy to greet a stranger. So she ended up feeling more relieved and promised to ponder on Jesus's salvation.

5) Then I caught up with two Korean Christian young ladies called Mary and Emily. They disclosed they are Christian as soon as I wanted to share the gospel. Their answered for the first diagnosis question if they have assurance of salvation was 100%, which is spot on. But it was shocking to find out that that 100 % assurance is based on their good deeds. They appeared a bit nervous and wanted to leave with the excuse of hurrying for an appointment. I nevertheless volunteered to walk them for 500 meter to reach the other set of traffic light and tried my best to clarify their mis conception.

6) Rammy , a Taiwan Buddhist lady. She was polite but thought claiming a Buddhist will stop me from talking to her. She was wrong, I had endless inspiration to share with her which eventually convinced her that Christianity is the only way for real salvation and forgiveness of sin. Trying to reach self perfection like what Buddhism uphold is futile and she promised to ponder deeper on what I shared with her.

7) Matt , another local Aussie Christian who again claimed to have 100% of assurance of salvation yet it was all based on inherited identity from Christian family, good service in the church but nothing accredited to the redemptive grace of Jesus. He showed sign of confusion but was humble enough to take in my advice and promise to reflected on his relationship with Jesus Christ.

8) A couples of elderly husband and wife from China Canton walked toward me. The wife walked 10 feet ahead getting passed me and ignored the tract, but her husband took the tract. I shared with him and our conversation got brighten up when we found Cantonese is our common language. With this edge, he showed interest to hear me to share the nutshell of the gospel that I finished just in time before the bus came. 廣東老人夫婦,夫接聽

9) Finally Eason turned up and willing to stop for a long chat. His knowledge of thr Bible and understanding of the doctrine of salvation is good as he is member of the Grace Bible Christian Church. He is clear about salvation by grace through faith in Christ and needed to be perfect through God's divine life transformation work through the Spirit. But his assurance of salvation was tainted by his uncertainty if he is a born again one seemingly judging by the Baptism by the Spirit. I shared with him my orthodox thought and emphasized that speaking in tone is never a condition of salvation. He finally felt enlightened to border no more about the sol called born again by the fire of the Spirit. He displayed a very happy face for the grace of God while taking a selfie with me .

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