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Tuesday 13 October 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village o Tuesday October 13, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

Today we had a team of three as usual including Johnny Winnie and Hung. The weather was not sunny with cloud but the day light was bright with breeze as such it was ideal for outreach. The chances of divine appointment were equally distributed amongst the three of us each having around 8 to 9 chatting opportunities. We also encounter a special situation or outreach pattern of having many mini-reunions with gospel targets we met lately. It enabled us to follow up on their understanding of the Gospel and meaning of salvation t osee whether there is still any barrier preventing to make that precious and important decision to repent and accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord of Life.

Recap belows are the battle log of me in English and of Winnie in Chinese: -

1) A Christian young lady who claimed to have 100% assurance of salvation. When I wanted to cross check what is the basis of this 100% assurance, she then started to avoid answering. I was not able to pin her down for an exact answer as the Bus came at this moment. So it is doubtful if she trust on Jesus alone or herself. Hope next week will meet and follow up with her.

2) Derek and I recognized each other but I forgot his name. It was nice to catch up his understanding and clarified further that no good man is good enough and we all bound to have imperfect sin of though and acts that would subject to hells punishment. Derek now admitted he is good but not perfect as such he would need Jesus if he wants to be on the bright side of God in eternity. I vowed to remember his name next tome we met and awaiting for his serious decision to accept Christ.

3) Then came Perry who was approached by Winnie last week. Her feed back was like Derek still opined that she could continue to live as a good person without adhering to any religion. I caught up to clarify with this point that all religions are good to appeal people to try our best to be a good person. But none of them address the issue of sin that every good person would have committed from time to time as such no religion can saved us from the punishment of sin except Jesus Christ who came to die for us as a blemished perfect sacrificial goal to take our place to receive the hell punishment, but he defeated Satan as well as his power of death so that he rose up to be the King of kings and our Lord of all Lords giving us the assurance of a new heavenly identity to reconcile with God and be His people again. Like-wise, Perry seemed to have got th point this time and I could only pray God will do the rest to convict her and let me know net time we met.

4) Then came Mandy in a rush to buy something from Towong Village and had to hurried back to work. I offered to walk with her and finish my shorter version of Gospel in a nutshell. She appeared very receptive to the message and acknowledged the need of Jesus after my sharing. She seemed to have received great enlightenment and promised to seriously read the tract to help her to reach the right decision important to her eternal destiny.

5) Lily a young Aussie girl who got a tract from Johnny but did not stop. I followed up to chat with her when she got to the bus stop. I was only able to share the gospel in a nutshell realizing the bus was arriving. She anyway showed degree of understanding of the issue and promised to chat more next time if we meet again.

6) A Lady was on the phone but she still politely accepted the tract, so that mean there is always next time to follow on the aborted conversation.

7) Nish an Indian girl who humbly listened to the Gospel in a nutshell that I could barely had time to finish by the time the bus arrived. She seemed to have got the essence of the message and I can only pray for God's mercy on her to lead her to Christ in His time.

8) Another Indian lady claimed we had chatted before and she was not in the mood to chat anymore. Just pray that net time God will change her mind.

9) Finally Fiona took the tract but the bus came and I did not even have time to share apart from getting her name so hopefully God will give us a second chance to chat next time.

Recap below is the battle log summary in Chinese for Winnie who spoke to 8 persons with mixed results. Three would think deep about it , two said they would accept Jesus as savior. And three all claimed to be Buddhists but Winnie learned to explain to them to notice the difference of Christianity with all other religions including Buddhism that they are all good but only appealing people to be a good and better persons yet provided not solution to address the sin and the consequential hell punishment that only Christianity provides a solution of letting Jesus a perfect person nto die for them taking their place to received the hell punishment of our sin as such we a clean and right with God to be His people again.


第一位遇上是 Eve,澳洲少女,聽完福音後,願意想想。

第二位是 Jane, 中国少女,也是需要時間想清楚。

第三位是 Kelvin, 中国青年。初時不想聽,當他坐下來,我問他認識耶稣基督嗎?跟着傳福音给他。


第五位是中國 UQ 女學生,May, 願意信靠主,寻求更多真理。我给她咭片,Power of Change.


第七位是澳洲女士,Linda, 她説有朋友是佛教,有的是天主教,有的是基督教。她分不清楚所有的教有什么分别?我解释给她聽,佛教及很多的教都是講及要做善事積陰德。基督教是講述罪的問题,耶稣基督為我們贖罪釘上十字架上,死後,三天復活。我們信靠祂,罪得赦免。死後可以上天堂。當我們信靠了主耶稣,聖靈便會進入我們心内,我們應不能做的事,聖𩆜帶领下,我們都可以做得到。我講述自己的見證。她聽後,願意信靠主耶稣,多謝我詳细解释。感谢主,這都是神利用我這個不配的器皿講出來。

第八位 是中国少女,红。她説她的朋友都是佛教徒。我解释她佛教與基督教分别。她説會想想。



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