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Wednesday 14 October 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wed Oct 14, 2020 from 1300 to 1500

Praise God that he withheld wind and rain for us to have a dried period of street evangelism ministry at Sunny Bank, despite there was rain all the way when I drove there. We also had Andrew rejoining us today making a team of four including Johnny, Col, Andrew and Hung. God used us to display good team work to supplement each others . It was particularly obvious between Johnny and me. At the end God used us to help out an overseas visiting Chinese lady to find info and the way to have the Covid-19 test enabling her to board the plane departing Oct 5. I actually already shared the gospel to her last week when she was in great worry of losing Wechat for external communication. I gave her words of comfort and directed her to the greater need of salvation. God used someone to help her restored the faulty Wechat account. And led her to meet Johnny then me to help her to find and book Covid-19 testing to enable her to board her flight back to China on Nob 5. During the process, God used me to impressed and reinforced again the imperative need for salvation by every one. I trust she was moved this time by both the message and the action love exhibited by the som many Christians God sent to help her out. Recap below are my others divine appointments today.

1) Madam Pang 彭 was born in China but raised in HKG. Lived in Taiwan then migrated to NZ and finally came her. She noticed my HKG accent so volunteer to speak in Cantonese with me. With the common home town, she was very talkative. I manged to drag our conversation back to Gospel and Salvation. Curiously despite of her mixed Christian 基 and Catholic 天 background, she has 100 % assurance of salvation but for a vague reason including the elements of good works. So it was good that I could guide her to understand her 100% assurance of salvation was built on Jesus and Him alone.有確據但不十分清楚, but it was a bit fishy she declined to take a tract. , 定意不拿單張

2) William and Ifun Two students , one a local Aussie another a Malaysia school boy. Both understood but no move to make decisive action to receive Christ immediately.

3) Johnny talked to a BCAC new Christian by the sure name 蘇 who is yet to be baptized. He referred her to me as she is Cantonese speaking.

4) Another anonymous target took the tract , have a chat but decline to leave any name.不願告名

5) Madam Chai 柴,from Heibei 河北. Story as shared above.


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