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Tuesday 17 November 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday Nov 17, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

It was a day of grace with storm and rain pouring down in the middle of our way of street evangelism. In the beginning before the storm came, we had relatively very limited chance to stop people for a chat. Some hurried away to avoid the forth coming storm with thundering rooming in a distance. God did not let this happen without a reason. Winnie and I had unexpected fellowship time to share experience and testimony. But when the storm came, many people were forced to gather under the bus station with limited sheltering space. Then all three of us were fully occupied with conversations that we were all too busy to take photo for each others. At the end , we possibly collectively reached out to 20 odd persons.

Team work was also orchestrated by God in a prominent way. Some were first approached by Johnny taking a tract but did not stop yet were followed up by us successfully after they got to the bus stop. Like wise, some failed to have been stopped by us yet got a long chat with Johnny.(*)

(*) 感謝天父上帝的帶領,今天在街上傳福音的時候,遇到一位女生從南京來UQ 讀書的謝同學,她聽到審判日要下地獄,她笑笑的說:「 有什麼好怕的,」隨後舉起滿是自殺刀痕的左手給我看。我被這舉動嚇了一跳。我便安慰她,告訴她生命的可貴。也將主耶穌的話告訴她。我們談了一會。她聽到了福音,請為謝同學來禱告,求上帝安慰、憐憫、拯救她。

Recap below are the battle log of mine and Winnie.

1) Kale a Korean UQ student who took a tract from Johnny but was approached by me for a full gospel sharing. He was born in Switzerland but came to Adelaide first then to Brisbane for study at UQ. He has no religion but was very receptive to the Gospel.

2) Chatted with a few Beauty school students after they got tracts from Johnny. One of them , an Aussie girl had a long chat with Johnny. The other excused themselves for class in the building behind the bus stop. Many of them were Islanders and from India.

3) Then I caught up with a Mozambique Christian. He only has 80% of assurance of salvation. So I quickly clarified with him that the reason we are saved is by grace through faith in Christ alone. He delightfully thanks for my clarification.

4) A Malaysian Mum Wendy was first approached by Winnie. She told Winnie she is a Christian as such Winnie just let go. But she was detained at the bus stop by the sudden pouring down of rain. So I had chance to approach her again to check here with the two diagnosis questions. She does has 100% assurance for the right reason of the sacrificial grace of Jesus. She now worships at the Hope Church in UQ with ehr son. She actually needed to move on to meet her son at the Toowong Village to ride home together for care and safety sake.

5) An Aussie girl called Egypt was receptive to listen to the gospel. Time was just barely enough to give her the nutshell though the prospect for her to understand and has a repentant heart to accept Christ as her saviour.

6) Hannah ws from America which I only learned as the end. She hd initial reluctance to listen to the Gospel but God moved me to unarmed her resistant attitude and finally turned very receptive to the Gospel. SHe promised to read the tract and ponder deeper in her heart to make this important decision of her life time.

7) An Aussie lady stopped for a brief chat but finally hurried away as she was afraid of the looming storm.

Recap below are the account of WInnie's eight divine appointments: --

感謝主今天的带领,讓我有機會 可以向八人傳福音。


第二位是澳洲女士,Helen, 當我講完福音,她説是基督徒,我運用關牧師方法 測示她 ,她好肯定的回答 一定會上天堂。還接受我给她單張來傳福音给其他人。感谢主。

第三位是澳洲老婦人,初時不想聽,我問她認識耶穌基督嗎?跟着傳福音给她。我從神 創造萬物天地 跟着阿當,夏娃犯罪。道至我們一出生,便是罪人。耶穌降世,死在十字架上 ,三天復活。是為拯救我們,脱離罪。詳细講解给她。她聽了,問我要怎樣做。我叫她去附近教會,找牧師。跟着遲些牧師會為你施洗,聖靈便會進入你心裏,你便是基督徒。當我講完,巴士到達。

第四位是Malaysian Mum,當我想傳福音给她,她説是基督徒,跟着關牧師來到 測示她。

第五位是中國UQ 學生,Alice, 當我講完福音,她願意到教會尋求更多真理。巴士到達。

第六位是印度 UQ 工作學生。願意回教會。

第七位是中國青年,Joe, 佛教徒,我説佛教要行善,積福德。但基督教是講信靠耶穌,便得救。未講完,巴士到達。



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