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Wednesday 18 November 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 18, 2020 from 1300 -1500

Thanks God for a fine sunny day good for street evangelism. We had Johnny, Andrew and Hung turning up to serve. To me, it started good meeting again with two Pakistanis Muslim Tafe students by the name Shani and Muneeb whom we met two weeks ago. They were serious Muslim but with an opened mind to discuss. It was a pity they were in a hurry to meet their father but promised to come back next week.

Then I had my second divine appointment for today with Kitty who is from TianJin 天津, China. She was at the bus stop sitting on the bench. I initially wanted to approach two high school students but they were busy with their iphone. And Kitty virtually looked up at me. I felt the urge to switch talking to her first. She is rare species of Mainlander that does not avoid chatting with me with a Chinese face. She even invited me to sit down to chat with her rather than standing. She claimed she had received tracts before and possibly chatted with someone else. I asked if she found the message of the tract sensible and logical and what was her response. She got to the point that: yes, she admitted the tract let her see she as well as every one in this world, though called a good person, but all have committed varieties of sin not pleasing to God. Then I asked did she know how to have our sin forgiven. She knew it was through Jesus' sacrificial death to pay for the debt of our sin. But she is not sure if she deserves the grace of Jesus to save her as a sinner. At this point ,her boy friend turned up, checking out what was happening and trying to drag her away from the conversation. But she refused to stop our conversation, so her boy friend was forced to listen by her side. I could feel that she was wide open to receive Christ but then the bus came. I trust God will continue on leading her to the final decision of accepting Jesus as her Savior and Lord of life.

My overall condition to day was not good with body itchiness and swollen limb getting worse because of the side effect of the Psoriasis medication. Dried mouth and frequent toilet needs all posed great interruption to my normal street evangelism. It finally was cut short when I found my Credit card was not in my wallet when I stopped for a while to do shopping. I had to call for the day to rush home to check if I did lose it. Thanks God finally I found the card in one of my vest pocket so I did not have to go through yet another round of reporting lost for replacement which had happened once just two months ago.

Both Andrew and Johnny had many good long conversation with fruit bearing results.

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