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Saturday 21 November 2020

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  At our last outreach, the team met for a time of evangelism.  While only a few people were open to actually talking, we were encouraged by the number of Gospel tracts distributed.  As some of the team wandered around to hand out tracts and talk to anyone interested, others of us manned the literature table, or positioned ourselves near the flipchart to pass out literature to passers-by.

  There were several encouraging conversations throughout the afternoon, including one with a young Asian woman who read a tract given to her and then came over to do the Good Person test.  There were also some young people with whom a team member was able to engage, as well as a Syrian gentleman.

  While the afternoon appeared to be quieter than usual, we do pray that God would use our efforts to grow His church.  We pray for results to spring from that scattering of the Gospel seed through tracts.  We pray that hearts will be touched, especially those who have now heard the Gospel or received tracts numerous times.  May many of our “jetty locals” be brought to faith through the power of the Word of God, and may Christ’s kingdom spread here at Bribie Island.

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