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Wednesday 6 January 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday January 6, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

Despite it was still the "New Year Rest Period" for Street Evangelism at Sunnybank and Toowong, I still went to join Andrew who decided to turn up after his OAC office work in the morning. We stayed together at the Bus Stop on the west side near Sunnybank Plaza, We both got many chat opportunities while having short break to allow us to take photo for each others. Today, God led majority of Cantonese speaking people to hear the gospel with a rare exception of an African man and a girl of Australian/Japanese cross breed. God definitely has His special plan and election of those to hear the gospel for their goodness sake. The weather was as hot as yesterday, but Andrew and I had no time to bother about the heat but concentrated on catching up with people for gospel seed sowing work as recap below: -

1) MY first target was an African man. He half jokingly asked me to not waste time on him but talked to some body else. Despite of this, I did not give up but relate to him as a person first to remove the self protection armor. Although full gospel had not yet been shared on arrival of his bus. Nut I was sure the love of God might have been impart to this man.

2) The Vietnamese old man was the person that the African man refer me to have a chat. SO naturally I caught up with him after the African man left. Despite he is a Vietnamese, yet he can speak perfect Cantonese as he had spent long time in Hong Kong. He is a man of rationality emphasizing that there is no absolute right or wrong as it is determined by the individual life perspective and personal experience. I pointed out to him that exactly because we all rejected God and live a self centred life, it appeared there is not absolute truth and rigid definition of universal core values. But God our creator did have set His law through the Bible. Failing to observe God's law will end up committing sin against Him which needed to be judged and punished. The Nutshell of Gospel has accordingly been conveyed this elderly Vietnamese man.

3) A family of three possibly from Beijing consisting of the Mum and an elder son called Siu Hwa and a much younger brother took their seat at the bus stop. Before they entered into their family chat, I intercept and talked to Siu Hua and he was quite open to talk unlike most of the people from Mainland China. The bus scheduled arrival allowed me 6 minutes to share the full gospel to Siu Hua who appeared very receptive. Pray for God's blessing for this family starting from Siu Hua.

4) Three High School (三高中) girls did their transit at his bus stop. Again I intercepted their conversation and was able to chat with the one sitting next to me. She is from Shenzhen (深圳的妹) who looks more simple and pure from her dress in compare to her two friends both in more fancy dress and made up. She showed good interest (有興趣) in the gospel message and indicated this is her first time hearing the gospel. I trust God will have further work on her then here friends while they are still in Australia ,

5) Then I met my next two targets who are both from HKG(香港二人),Andrew jokingly said one of the guy looks like a mini Hung with same dressing of mine symbolized by our vest. (他郷遇故知) It was a pity we only have very brief time to chat but I left them each a Chinese Tract and English one.

6) Nina looked to have a western looking face profile. Normally young Aussie show little interest in religious topic. But she appeared very friendly and opened as such I was able to go through the full gospel presentation. Then she disclosed she actually is half Japanese(Mum) and half Aussie (Dad) and her father is a Christian, yet she has no knowledge whatsoever about the gospel, so obviously her father only keeps his faith to his own personal life without sharing with the wider public including his family members.

But I believe the divine encounter with this Aussie/Japanese cross breed girl will open up a new page of life for this young and beautiful girl.

7) Then after being Rejected by a Chinese woman, God let me catch up with another Chinese woman to chat. She appeared open to the gospel but it was a pity the bus came too quick to have interrupted the chat.

8) Finally I caught up with an arrogant and self-righteous old Chinese Christian also from Hong Kong. He use the excuse he is readily a baptized Christian to decline further conversation. I tried to use the two diagnosis questions to review his state of faith and assurance of salvation. Unfortunately, he refused to answer and reiterated he is all good. But I really have doubt if he is a fake Christian from mainland China but claiming he is from HK.

Battle Log for Sunnybank by Andrew: -

On Wednesday, Pastor Hung and I again headed out to talk to people about Jesus at Sunnybank and though there were several good conversations, it was the final one that was most encouraging.

Shung Hui is 21 years old from a Chinese background and shared that he had no real religious upbringing. He had heard a few things about Christianity before but not really understood why it mattered. I shared the gospel with him at length and he came to clearly see how Jesus’ death on the cross is the much needed answer to our guilt.

Larry only heard half the gospel before his bus came, but he was intrigued enough that he said that he would read the tract immediately once he was on the bus.

Voiter is 29 years old and from Poland, and like most, was raised Catholic. We took some time to make sense of the gospel and to show how God would be just in condemning us, but how he extends the offer of forgiveness to us because of the finished work of Jesus. I challenged him to consider the claims of Christianity because ultimately, we will all die.

Helen is 78 years old and has some Christian upbringing and beliefs, but trusted that she was a good enough person to get to heaven. We talked through the commands and we both agreed that if God is good, we were all in big trouble because we have all done bad things. I then showed why it makes no sense to hope in the good things we have done because those good deeds can never erase our sins. At this point she said that she just needed to hope that God would be merciful even though she could see no reason why he would. I then explained how Jesus’ death on the cross solves our problem and how God’s offer of forgiveness needs to be received. I showed that mere belief in God was not sufficient and that we instead need to repent and place our trust in what Jesus did for us. Though it was hard for her to consider, she admitted that there was a good chance that she was not saved but that from that moment she intended to no longer trust in her goodness but in the finished work of Jesus! I encouraged her to read John’s gospel and she said that she really wanted to do that as soon as possible.

Please pray for all those who heard the gospel and the many who took tracts. May God save many for his own name’s sake!

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