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Wednesday 17 February 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday February 17, 2021 from 1300 -1500

It was another day of grace and manifestation of Mission power. We left home with fine weather but a rainy start when we , Johnny, Martin and Hung assembled around 1300. Because of rain, Johnny decided to move over to the West side to station at the under covered Bus stop. We did get many gospel sharing opportunities. Then rain stopped and Johnny moved back to our usual position in the East side. I stayed at the West to render mutual support with Martin until Andrew arrived after two O' clock. He was excited about his debut lecturing at the Evangelism course of BST with 11 students but only on is registered for doing credit and all else are doing audition including Andrew's Wife. So this special Evangelism class is officially called the Trio Andrew Class of Evangelism as both lecturers and the only official student are all called Andrew.

Comparatively there are more opportunity at the bus stop on the West side of the bridge. But we still serviced faithfully at our normal position after all four regular members of Sunnybank are all present.

Recap below were the fewer than usual divine appointments I had within a shorter working time of one hour 15 minutes .

1) Tim and Stanley looks like Chinese but actually they are English speaking people from Malaysia. They both had Christian schooling background and many Christian friends. Therefore my gospel sharing was not the first that they have heard so far. Their rational mind all agreed in the logic and design of the salvation mechanism by God, and they do not deny there is a God, yet they just still have not been touched and moves to realize the urgency of receiving this salvation. Pray that my sharing will add a bit weight on their thought to ponder what if they missed the chance to receive Christ to got saved.

2) A mun by the sure name Yang 楊with a daughter 有女 from Hunan湖南 were both happy to chat with me after knowing I was once a frequent visitor to Changsha and Hangyang. I did not waste much time in friendship building but jumped right into the Gospel. The mum showed rare receptive attitude toward Gospel and promised to have a deep thought at home after reading the tract.

3) Long a Vietnam young man of catholic school background showed rational good understanding of the gospel but not yet moved and ready to receive Christ. He still holds the view that God may not exist. I Challenge him to prove that any thing visible is not being created but get into existence by itself. He of course failed and was tone down a bit of his atheist uphold. It triggered my thought on the effectiveness of those Christians school in presenting a complete version of gospel to their students. As Andrew shared with me one of the student of the Evangelism class of Catholic background admitted she may not have been genuinely saved by grace through faith. And she has be enlightened by Andrew's explanation of the gospel that she is happy to make a new start to accept Jesus today properly after Andrew's sharing of the gospel.

4) Ben a Vietnamese young man growing up in Hong Kong 香港越南人but now has migrated to Australia. Without knowing the details, Ben revealed to me he has mental health issue but he was completely open for the gospel.. 有精神病,但開放. I walked him across the bridge and share the full gospel to him until he reached the restaurant he planned to go. He showed eagerness to accept Jesus to be saved and hopefully in future when Jesus come , God will make him perfect again without any more illnesses or troubles in his life.

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