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Tuesday 23 February 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log of Toowong Village on Tuesday February 23, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

It was a super hot day. Possibly the hottest ever at Toowong. Standing under the sun for 5 minutes will get every inch of your skin on fire that you must seek shelter under the shade immediately. Because of the heat, Johnny also decided to move over to the bus stop. Despite we all crowded there but the chances of ministry were still ample to get us fully occupied. As normal the initial rejection phenomena was quite prominent. But we all learned and guided by the Holy Spirit to change the approach to start connecting with the target on day to day life topic. Once the tension was loosen, then we could still progress to share the gospel at the end. Recap below were the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie: -

1) Guilin a Korean girl, just had barely enough time to share the core of Gospel before the bus arrived.

2) Bright , a Filipino young UQ student who was open to the gospel. He has no professing religion but found salivation of Jesus very sensible and attractive.

3) Wahu who is born here with parents from India. He was also open and receptive to the Gospel.

4) Abun an African UQ student, who was also open for a chat. Nutshell of the Gospel was shared in time before the bus arrival.

5) An Arrogant girl did not reject up right, but kept finding all excuses to avoid for a chat. i.e. need time to be sure she is at the right bus stop and I showed her all bus route on the electronic board, than she used another excuse to need to call her mum.

6) Then a Thailand girl took the tract and was ready to chat but cut awkwardly by the immediate arrival of the bus. She promised to ponder on the message of the tract.

7) Angus a young man from Townsville of Anglican school background. He adopted a care free attitude to chat and showed certain degree of understanding of the Bible but admitted he is still a non-believer. I asked if he find the gospel illogical or not sensible? He could not deny that Gospel message is all good except his heart is not open and soft enough yet for the free gift of eternal life.

8) Gemma a young office lady in pink who was in a hurry to catch the train. So I walked her to the Foot bridge and shared here the nutshell of the Gospel. She listened with heart and thanks me for the company and promised to read the tract.

9) A tall local Aussie man willingly engaged in conversation with a serious attitude. Gospel was shared and pray for God's follow up action.

10) The high light of today ministry was the chat with Nadi , a fallen back Christian. She did not reject to chat but claimed that she used to be a Christian. I asked the reason of the fallen back but found that it was simply the lack of environment for growth and experiencing the presence of God. I encouraged her to realize that we are still far from perfect upon receiving Christ. The grace of Jesus was enough to pardon all our sin so that we can reconciled with God right away becoming His child and people again. But it is the beginning of a life long journey of sanctification. So we must be patient to let God change our life through the work of the Holy Spirit. The key is we must remain connected with God to receive spiritual nourishment and strength to live our daily Christian life. The more we learn God through the Bible, the more we know and love Him and obey Him. A real born again world Christian will experience true freedom from any bondage of our old self under the control of Satan as such we will learn to love God more day by day while our life is on the upward path of sanctification. Nadi showed great appreciation for this short but meaning chat to ignite her heart for Christ.

感謝主 今天的带领,讓我遇上 13 人傳福音機會。


分别是 Ann, 及 Ellen, 中國來的 UQ 學生,她們都願意尋求教會,認識更多真理。

第三位是 Lucy, 澳洲女士,願意信靠主耶穌。

第四位,Luke,中國來的 UQ 學生,會想想宗教問题。

第五及第六位,Allan and Vic, 澳洲青年,他們説是基督徒,經過我查詢的問题,證明他們確實明白救恩。

第七位Ben, 相片中红髪澳洲少女,願意信靠耶穌基督,會找教會。

第八位,澳洲青年 Kelly, 天主教徒,我與他談論基督教的信仰,講完巴士到達。


第十一位,Kate, 澳洲少女,聽完整福音,會想清楚信仰問题。

第十二位,Amy 中國來 UQ 學生,聽完福音後,她説會去教會。



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